14 Favorites Hollywood Movies Scenes Before and After Visual Effects (14 Images)

Nowadays we are so lucky to have such technologies through which we get benefitted enough. The new era of technology has invented CGI by which any motion pictures can be made. The almost all of the Hollywood Pictures are made by using these effects currently. Due to this, we are gifted with the blockbuster movies of Hollywood. This has made a film maker’s work easier. The special visual effects are created in a way so that one will find the real picture of the shooting time funny as well as shocking. However, we got some of those to have a look.

Captain America

This movie has been a hit recently after its release. Among us, this film has made a great buzz due to its action and other things, but the matter of fact is that none of these measures have truly happened. In fact, you might sigh while realizing the illusory effects of the movie. You will find the breathtaking moments of this film no more the same after comparing the pre and post photos of this one single scene of this film. In the movie, we saw the captain hanging over a running train in between the icy hills. But as a matter of fact is that there nothing has happened like this in reality. He has just acted this scene standing still, holding the hanger.

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