Nowadays we are so lucky to have such technologies through which we get benefitted enough. The new era of technology has invented CGI by which any motion pictures can be made. The almost all of the Hollywood Pictures are made by using these effects currently. Due to this, we are gifted with the blockbuster movies of Hollywood. This has made a film maker’s work easier. The special visual effects are created in a way so that one will find the real picture of the shooting time funny as well as shocking. However, we got some of those to have a look.

Captain America

This movie has been a hit recently after its release. Among us, this film has made a great buzz due to its action and other things, but the matter of fact is that none of these measures have truly happened. In fact, you might sigh while realizing the illusory effects of the movie. You will find the breathtaking moments of this film no more the same after comparing the pre and post photos of this one single scene of this film. In the movie, we saw the captain hanging over a running train in between the icy hills. But as a matter of fact is that there nothing has happened like this in reality. He has just acted this scene standing still, holding the hanger.


The longest movie was satisfied to do business in Hollywood very well. This was created in an apt way. No other people will imagine that the entire movie was a makeover of some ordinary things. There was neither woman like this in the picture, nor any man was like him. They were simply wearing some digital dress to create those magical moments. The girl in real life and the girl of the active one do not match each other in their look. They are way too different in their appearance.

John Carter

It is one of the amazing FX work dinosaurs is created by placing a shade over a car. Even the lad is not there in the original movie. The lad is on the back of the dinosaur. The hilly area is absent in the later picture. There are a lot of changes in the background. The idea of creating the face of dinosaurs using a car is very innovative indeed. Besides movies like these are needed to visualize in this way vehemently.

The Hobbit

The way this green room has turned into a palace and a fairyland are fantastic to see. How could one imagine while watching the movie that this guy has never been in a real utopia to shoot it and even he has not had to go outside of the room to shoot this scene? Nevertheless, the idea is praiseworthy.

300: Rise of an Empire

The battle scene of any movie has always been charmed us by their setting in a movie and the actions. This film has revealed the true picture that in movies like this, the real action does not take place in the location of the familiar ones. Rather the all efforts are shot in a closed room where the site is covered with green clothes. The actions in the battle are fake we know, but the setting is not also an exceptional case. A great battle in a tiny room! How funny is that!


Oz, The Great and Powerful

VFX artists have given much effort to create such a fairyland type background. It is hard to believe that only a blue colored room has been turned into such a stream of water with mountainous areas. If we think of the other parts of this movie, we will also find many a scene is created artificially. In fact, these types of effects are almost impossible to draw a real life like pictures.


Game of Thrones

This is another great example of the power of visual effects in the Hollywood movies. These effects play a vital role for the profit of a movie. The girl is seen patting on the head of this animal while the reality she is just putting a small packet which is folded with paper and green clothes.

Life of Pi

After watching this, one would get fun from this picture because the mighty tiger is a little creation and to create its figure they just have used a blue colored hand-made doll as their prop. Nothing else was needed to place the tiger on the lap of this boy in the final print of the movie. The audience must know this, that our purpose was not to spoil the thrill you felt while watching this, rather we uncover the unknown to let you know the things so that you understand better.


Usually, in movies like Godzilla, there are so many men rushing to avoid the attack of this water giant are seen. But acting becomes harder when there’s no proper prop and all you need to imagine the subject. The same has happened here. All the other things of Godzilla are an imaginative creation of the artists. The cinematic effects are praiseworthy. However, here the whole movie has gone through these effects.


As one can see that frame of this man has got a radical change with iron costumes in the final print of the movie. Before the effects, the man is in a simple outfit, and these two pictures show a significant difference. We find ourselves spellbound when we watch the actual movie, but when the underlying things get revealed, we lose our interest a little bit.

King Arthur

The scenic beauty of the background of this picture is mesmerizing although it is not the real picture of the shooting. The icy hill is so eye-catching that one would fall in love with the place and set of the movie. But the picture indicates that all this has been created artificially with special visual effects and graphics has earned the attention of the audiences.

The Avengers

Will you believe that in this scene there was nothing but two green colored boards and out of this the devastating firework is created in the movie? You are bound to believe once you see this picture of making this film. The entire firework is created, and one must admit that the actors here have acted so realistic that there is no chance to catch the tricky part of it.

The Dark Knight

Usually to show any burn injuries in any movie the filmmakers used to rely on the makeup artists. They truly possess the capability to make any regular face to anything else. But then they found it time to consume as the film actors are to take a long hour to get ready in this way. So, after the invention of VFX, this effort has been reduced. Now the facial makeup is done with the software and does not take as long time as it takes in any makeup. And the best part of it is that this helps to make anything more lively which means the visual effects are more trustworthy than the painted composition.

The Avengers

You can see yourself that this giant, I mean the Hulk of this movie is not real and he is a masked man. One guy just has worn the costume of Hulk, and this thing has been transformed using the computer generated images as if Thor had to try his level best to flat this giant. The reality is that nothing has happened like this and the visual effect was good enough to make us believe in its trick.