From the ancient time people have wanted wealth and some ladies got that by dint of their husbands or partners. Without much effort many of them have become the wives or partners of the rich tycoons. Here are some of those. Let’s check it out.

Mariah Carey

Mariah is an American singer as well as an actress. She is also a songwriter and producer. She got herself engaged with James Packer in 2015 and still they are together. James Packer is an Australian businessman, investor and at present the Executive chairman of Crown Resorts. He was the 7th among the Rich people of Australia in 2015. Presently he holds the 453 position among the world’s richest persons. On the other hand Carey has the wealth of $520 million.


Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is one of the world’s most beautiful women. She is a Mexican-American actress. She is not only known for her own Hollywood identity, but also the wife of François-Henri Pinault, a French businessman and the CEO of Kering, Co-chair of PPR Foundation, President of Groupe Artemis. The lady has a net worth of $85million whereas her husband got an estimated net wort about $15 billion. Salma Hayek is at number 8 in the women’s top 10 rich list and his husband is 84th among the world’s richest billionaires.


Claudia Barilla

Claudia Barilla is an Italian former swimsuit model. At present she is the Director of a charity organization named “One Drop Foundation”. She is married to Guy Laliberté who is one of the richest men of the world. He is a Canadian entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of Cirque du Soleil. His net worth is $1.3 billion. On the other hand, he is also a poker player and a space tourist.



Laurene-Powell is an American businesswoman and the owner of Emerson Collective. She had her childhood in New Jersey. She is the widow of Steves Jobs who was the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. They had been a lovely couple since 1991 to 2011. In 2011 Jobs died. Currently, Laurene has an estimated worth of $20.1 billion, which she inherited from her late husband’s fortune.


Alison Gelb

Alison Gelb is an American businesswoman who owns One Kings Lane, a home décor website. She comes from New York. In 2009, she established her company and it is valued at $ 440 million. In 2007, she got married to Mark Jonathan Pincus, who is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Zynga (formerly Chief Product Officer). Mark possesses an amount of $ 1.1 billion.


Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan is known for her philanthropic works. She is from Massachusetts. This beautiful lady is widely known as the wife of the cofounder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg. This romantic couple met each other during their University time in 2003. Later in 2012, they got married in a small ceremony and now they got an estimated $43.6 billion. He saved the position of the world’s sixth richest person.


Princess Ameera Al-Taweel

Ameera Al-Aweel is a Saudi Princess. She is a businesswoman, social activist and human rights defender. She is also one of 100 Most Powerful Arab Women 2012 list with a fourth-place ranking. This Saudi Princess is famous for her royal beauty and is the ex-wife of one of the richest people, Al Waleed Bin Talal. This global tycoon is a Saudi Prince. They became married in 2008 and got divorced in 2013. At present, she has a net worth of $32 billion. She is the 41st among the billionaires.


Anne Wojcicki

Anne Wojcicki is an American entrepreneur and the Co-founder and chief executive officer of 23 and Me, a personal genomics company. She was married to the Co-founder of Google, Russian-born Sergey Brin in 2007 and got divorced in 2015. Wojcicki is now living with her ex-husband’s fortune and its net worth are $ 30 billion whereas Brin’s got $39.2 billion.


Fabiana Flosi

Flabiana Flosi is from Brazil. She is an Anglican. For the Brazilian Grand Pix she has been the Vice-President of Marketing. She is the present wife of the chief executive of the Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone. This couple got engaged in August, 2012. The British businessman Ecclestone right now owns an estimate of US$ 3.1 billion.


Jade Foret

Jade Foret is known for her modeling. She is a Belgian and comes from France. She is the better half of Arnaud Lagardère. Arnaud Lagardère is one among the richest persons who is the General and Managing Partner of Lagardère SCA. They two met in 2010 and they became partners. Later, on May 24, 2013, they got married and the place was in Paris. Jade Foret got an amount of $10 million. On the contrary, Lagardère has an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion.


Kirsty Bertarelli

Kristy Bertarelli is number 1 among the 10 billionaires in the UK. She is a former Miss UK and at present a songwriter. She is the better half of Ernesto Bertarelli, an Italian-born Swiss businessman and philanthropist. He is the Co-chair of the Bertarelli Foundation. In 1997, the couple met for the first time on holiday in Italy. After that, they two got married in 2000. Since then they are together. Bertarelli has an estimated worth of $8.5 billion, while the family’s an estimated of $14.8 billion. In 2014, Bertarelli couple got a rank of fifth on UK’s ‘Rich List’.


Lucy Southworth

Lucy Southworth is a researcher, graduated from Oxford University with a master of science. This beautiful lady is the wife of Lary Page who is the Co-founder of Google. In 2006, Southworth became the girlfriend of Page but they first met one year before this. In 2007, finally they got married in a small ceremony on Necker Island. Being the cofounder of Google Page is one of the richest men having a net worth of $39.1 billion. He is listed as the 9th richest man recently.


Malia Andelin

Malia Andelin is a former flight attendant on pone of the Viacom. Maybe There she drew the attention of the worldwide known tycoon Sumner Redstone and became lucky to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. However, Redstone is the Chairman Emeritus of Viacom and CBS Corporation, majority owner and Chairman of National Amusements. His net worth is $5.4 billion.


Nikita Kahn

Nikita Kahn is a Ukrainian actress who is very famous for one of her films “Catch 44”. This gorgeous Hollywood actress is seeing Larry Ellison, who is the Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle. Corporation. This is a software development company. The estimated net wort of Ellison is $50.1 billion and he is the fifth richest person of the world.