If you are an alcohol lover, you might have already been gone through lots of advice and suggestions to stop taking alcohol. But you can stop saying, “one more peg, please” right? Well, many people think that there is not a better way than having some wine, beer or rum to lighten their mood after a tiring day. Well, here are some special facts about alcohol which should be known by you definitely-

Hangover Free Beer

Nutrition researchers never stay behind in searching nutritional ingredients in each and everything. The hydrating, hangover free vodka is the biggest example of this. Scientists in Australia from the Griffith University have discovered two commercial beers by adding electrolytes. In this way, the beverage became three times more hydrating in comparison to the regular one. This keeps the hangover away.

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One Death in Every 10 Seconds

You will be surprised to know that alcohol kills 1 person in every 10 seconds anywhere in the world. Often, binge drinking causes death of people. Binge drinking means a pattern of drinking in which the concentration of alcohol is raised in the blood stream. Generally, 5 drinks for men and 4 for women within 2 hours are known to be lethal.

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Six Minutes for Reaction

You might be thinking that alcohol takes much time to make your brain react for it but the fact is that it requires only 6 minutes for your brain to reflect the affect of alcohol. During a research it was found that only 6 minutes were enough to bring changes in brain cells when the specimens were subjected for two glasses of wine.

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Alcohol Generate New Memories Temporarily

Many people are there to think that your mind forget the part of your last night after the time you had been drunk but the truth is that alcohol doesn’t make you forget anything. It just prevents your mind to make new memories. This happens because of disruption of the neuro-physiological chemical in hippo-campus of the brain i.e. memory formation centre. In this way, you don’t remember whatever you did last night after drinking.

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Blue Eyes are Allowed for More

This fact will shock you. People with blue eyes have capacity to tolerate drinking more to reach the condition of embarrassment. This fact has been scientifically proven as under a research people with light eyes drank a lot more than dark eyed ones. It means you need to be careful next time if you have blue eyes. You may be more prone than others to be the addicted of alcohol.


Effect of Alcohol on Body

When it comes upon technical discussion of the effect of alcohol, the first thing that has been mentioned by physiologists is that alcohol becomes soluble in your bloodstream within no time. Soon after you drink, about 20% of alcohol gets dissolved in your bloodstream while 80% is absorbed by the small intestine. After being absorbed, alcohol is distributed all over your body, especially in the organs that contain lots of water like brain. In this way, these organs become more susceptible for the effect of alcohol.

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Vodka is Like Water in Russia

A study on over 1.5 lac people in Russia revealed the fact that most of them died before during their mid 50s only because of drinking vodka. They used this beverage so commonly that there is no problem in calling it the Russian water. Russians have an immense love with vodka even some men are familiar drinking over 3 bottles of spirit within a week. The causes of their death generated due to intake of vodka involved accidents, suicide, violence, alcohol poisoning and liver cancer etc.

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Alcohol Boosts Performance in Shooters

In the world of professional shooting, alcohol is known as the performance booster. It relaxes the body and works by slowing down the heart rate; that’s why, it is considered as a performance booster among shooters. The world anti-doping agency has banned alcohol and beta blockers for the reason thy calm nerves of the shooter.

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‘Snake Venom’ the Strongest Alcohol

Shand and McKenzie created the world record of brewing the strongest beer of the world in the form of the ‘Armageddon beer’ which was having 65% of alcohol. The shocking fact is that some of their customers claimed that the beer is not that much strong and then, both of them decided to upgrade the beer. Then, they brewed the most potent beer in the form of ‘snake venom’ having 67.5 percent alcohol.

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Beer was Sold Commonly in Russia

Beer was not considered as an alcoholic beverage in Russia till 2013. Every 24 hour store kept this for sales till the New Year day of 2013. Earlier, the president Dmitry Medvdev signed off some restrictions for alcohol consumption in 2011 in order to lower down the rate of alcohol abuse. Both of these events changed everything a lot for beer guzzlers in the country.

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Frozen Pints, the Ice-cream with Beer Flavor

Those who love the flavor of beer but don’t want to consume it for its negative effects can try the special ice-cream from Frozen Pints with the flavor of beer. You may be exciting to know this and looking for trying this delicious way to drink beer. Well, these ice-creams also contain alcohol up to certain level.

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Iceberg Vodka Utilized Water of Iceberg for Preparation

Iceberg Vodka Corporation, a Canadian company is the one and only company in the world to harvest icebergs for generating signature vodka. The company collects tons of water every year from glacial ice for formation of the vodka. The company wanted to offer a brand of pure water in the form of iceberg water but the purity of water made it susceptible to microbial contamination. Then the company chose to add alcohol and it and iceberg vodka took birth.


Drinking Alcohol as Evolutionary Novel

Intelligent people are known well for understanding and dealing with their lifestyle ideas; same is true about alcohol consumption. Before the advent of agriculture, there was no trace of alcohol intake but people just use to eat fermented fruits which bear some amount of ethanol. Later human being discovered intentional fermentation for production of alcohol.

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The Peculiar Tradition of Budweiser

The creator of Budweiser; Anheuser Busch has adopted a very peculiar tradition in the family. The company has five generation business being handed over to sons generation to generation; they use to place few drops of the world’s most renowned beer, Budweiser on the tongue of new born sons. This legacy continues generation to generation in the family. Actually, they ensure the love of their sons with Budweiser at very early age even before they taste the mother’s milk.

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New York’s Bar to Mimic Stock Market

The exchange bar and grills bar in New York has a real time quicker to show the fluctuation in price of beverages on the basis of popularity of cocktail. Playing the market rightly there means enjoying fancy drinks at a very little cost. You may even grab drinks just for $2 if you are around the market at the time of price crash.

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