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15 Facts About Alcohol Consumption You Didn’t Know…!!! (15 Images)

If you are an alcohol lover, you might have already been gone through lots of advice and suggestions to stop taking alcohol. But you can stop saying, “one more peg, please” right? Well, many people think that there is not a better way than having some wine, beer or rum to lighten their mood after a tiring day. Well, here are some special facts about alcohol which should be known by you definitely-

Hangover Free Beer

Nutrition researchers never stay behind in searching nutritional ingredients in each and everything. The hydrating, hangover free vodka is the biggest example of this. Scientists in Australia from the Griffith University have discovered two commercial beers by adding electrolytes. In this way, the beverage became three times more hydrating in comparison to the regular one. This keeps the hangover away.

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