Diana Kruger

This list of sizzling celebrities wearing nearly uncovered dresses in Oscar 2016 will really entertain you. The after party dresses on the red carpet moved the event towards a sensual level. The annual extravaganza of vanity Fair attracted several celebrities to attend the show. Check out the series of nearly undresses, waist splits and dramatic neckline cuts. Who doesn’t know this amazing style queen as she wins the spotlight every time she walks on the red carpet. In Beverly Hills, the 39 year old left people surprised by wearing this sheer embellished dress. Her decision of highlighting the forgo nightwear also left audience in deep imagination.

image 1


Taylor Swift

Next in the list of sizzling, sensual celebrities who dared to out on a see through dress during the after party event in Oscar 2016 is Taylor Swift. The dramatic cut in the dress at upper torso and a long split just from the upper thigh makes her look totally a goddess of sensuality.

image 2


Miranda Kerr

Can you imagine any high class award night without an attractive red dress? Definitely, no. check out the eye-catchy look of Miranda Kerr with unexpected designer cuts. The too much revealing dress seems to be designed perfectly according to the body of Miranda.

image 4


Jennifer Lawrence

This lovely two piece dress worn by cannot be ignored at all. It has magnetic cuts and perfect fitting that it catches the eyes of the viewer again and again once after having a look of it. No doubt, Jennifer is successful to represent her like a damsel in this long thigh cut dress.

image 5


Natasha Poly

Oh My God, nobody can even think about collecting this much dare to put on this much revealing dress and stay as confident as Natasha here. Although she is wearing a beautiful, embellished floor touch dress but when you take a deep look of her, the dress seems to be not there as it’s too sheer to expose her full body.

image 6


Jessica Biel

Nothing is shocking in this revealing dress of Jessica as wearing almost uncovered dresses in the after party event of Oscar was a theme. Apart from the catchy bust part and a long thigh cut in the dress, the colour of the dress is totally perfect to establish Jessica as a trendsetter.

image 7


Gwen Stefani

This super lovely dress in an orange shade will soon become the trend of the season. The designer employed great wit in designing it as the main torso of the body has been covered with those leaf-like structures on the dress. Definitely, nothing can be a cuter way than this to put on a revealing dress.

image 9


Gabrielle Union

Well, another dress with long thigh cuts. Probably, this is the best and easiest way to design a nearly uncovered dress that suits on almost every celebrity regardless to her complexion, height and figure. When it comes upon the upper part of the body, yeah, that revealing see through design looks cool.

image 10


Kate Hudson

The cute and lovely Kate Hudson attended the event in this awesomely designed revealing dress. This too much glittery fabric will surely remind you about the one which is used for designing the fire extinguishers’ dress LoL but yes; no doubt, the dress looks good on Kate. This is also noteworthy because in-spite of using an adequate amount of the fabric, the dress has been kept revealing. After all, it’s a ‘nearly uncovered’ dress event.

image 11


Lily Aldridge

Lily looks nothing lesser than a zero size model in this lovely black dress, agree? Well, the cuts, straps, frills and fabric, everything in this dress has been selected wisely by the designer and it ended up representing Lily as a beautiful eye candy. The asymmetrical cut that makes her body revealed well from one side while the flowing fabric on touch in the other side makes it look different. No need to mention that the proper neckline on the bust and a slit on the waist go well with the full design.

image 13


Lily Collins

What is your view on this shimmering dress of Lily? Well, I am unable to reach any conclusion because the fish cut kind of dress ended Lily to look like a mermaid than a celebrity. No, I don’t mean that she doesn’t look good in the dress but definitely the cut of the dress could be better as it seems to be designed in a hurry. The falling cuffs and noodles straps of the dress are not making it catchy at all.

image 14


Olivia Wilde

The sizzling actress attended the party in this fuchsia coloured beautiful revealing dress with plunging neck. For the perfect pleated look at the flow of the dress and right location of the dress’ waistline, she might be counted among the best dressed celebrities at the eve.

image 15


Angelina Jolie

The beautiful and graceful Angelina is always a treat for eyes when she walks on the red carpet. All her red carpets looks are designed to highlight her stunning beauty and also to accentuate her sense of fashion. She is really a fashion diva who can carry almost every type of apparel and look amazing in it. In this image, she is wearing a gown which covered her entirely without showing an inch of the glowing skin. We have to say that she looks awesome.

image 1


Cate Blanchett

Cate is another actress who is the epitome of class and elegance. Her red carpet looks are also carefully designed and she looks graceful in her every appearance. The dress she is wearing in the above photo is a creation by Armani and it suits Cate perfectly. The baby blue colour suits her complexion and she looks stunningly beautiful in it. This dress must have made her one of the best-dressed actresses on the red carpet at Oscar award ceremony.


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron can wear anything and she looks like that the dress was specially made for her and no one else could carry it as she does. In this red carpet look, Charlize is wearing a red dress with a long train behind it. The dress is quite revealing, but Charlize manages to look beautiful and not vulgar in it. The red color shows off her porcelain white, flawless complexion and gives a rosy glow to her face making her look almost like a queen from fairy tales.


Margot Robbie

Margot is dressed for the Oscars and she is actually taken the theme very seriously as she is wearing a golden gown with a black clutch in her hands. She is looking really stunning in this golden gown with a low neckline. Although the neckline is a plunging neckline, it suits her perfectly and does not look like it is revealing too much. She has kept her make-up and accessories quite low profile and it suits the golden gown.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is famous for making fashion statements wherever she goes, be it a music award or the Oscar’s red carpet. She wears dresses which other actresses will not be able to carry, but Lady Gaga celebrates her uniqueness through her attire.This dress which she wore on the red carpet looks like a combination of ball gown and a jumpsuit. However the white colour of the dress made it look a bit formal and lady Gaga also complimented it by no accessories and a simple hairstyle.


Brie Larson

Brie Larson has impressed everyone with her acting powers and she also impressed the audience with her graceful appearance on the red carpet. This dress made by Alessandro Michele in bold blue color suits her to perfection. The only accessory which she wore is the belt which defines her slim waist and gives the gown additional charm. She has kept her hairstyle simple and this really accentuates her beauty and simplicity. The color and the style of the dress are perfect for her petite frame.