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The Most Awkward Prom Photos You Ever Seen (15 Images)

Prom night is the most awaited and precious time for a teenage high school senior. They want to have a good time and memorable moments, and that’s why they start planning for it till the day comes. Loads of things happen between these times, but the excitement never goes increases rather. The teens try to wear the best dress on their prom night. What do the boys do? Well, they usually wear tuxedos and girls go for the enormously different gown and all makeup and touch ups. Sometimes many weird things happen when they arrive at the prom. There could be various photos like the following one which makes the prom laughable and memorable.

Expression Queen


Whenever we take a picture, we become so stiff and try to give the best pose of your life. Especially when a group of friends clicks a picture together, they try to remain the posing queens. But there will always be the one who will make the dead photo lively by his/her weird expressions. Look at the picture where a bunch of sweet girls is posing, and one of them is enjoying, and that’s what prom is. You should enjoy what you do.

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