Prom night is the most awaited and precious time for a teenage high school senior. They want to have a good time and memorable moments, and that’s why they start planning for it till the day comes. Loads of things happen between these times, but the excitement never goes increases rather. The teens try to wear the best dress on their prom night. What do the boys do? Well, they usually wear tuxedos and girls go for the enormously different gown and all makeup and touch ups. Sometimes many weird things happen when they arrive at the prom. There could be various photos like the following one which makes the prom laughable and memorable.

Expression Queen


Whenever we take a picture, we become so stiff and try to give the best pose of your life. Especially when a group of friends clicks a picture together, they try to remain the posing queens. But there will always be the one who will make the dead photo lively by his/her weird expressions. Look at the picture where a bunch of sweet girls is posing, and one of them is enjoying, and that’s what prom is. You should enjoy what you do.


Angry Young Man

Well, everybody wants a beautiful partner to take to the prom. When they don’t find one, they become angry or sad. Now, look at the irony in the picture. Two beautiful girls are posing for a photo. Maybe they are prom partners. The boy behind them is so angry and giving them a look as it is assumed that he could not get one. His look is undoubtedly aggressive, and he might be jealous of the girls. Moreover, he has a flower bouquet for the girls who are not paying attention to him. Such irony is shown in the picture!


Poor Miss Loner

You might know that there are couples of rules to attend a prom night. One of them is finding a partner for you. Prom night is supposed to be a couple of night, but this photo makes us a little sad for the beautiful girl over there. She could not get anybody to go to the prom. Maybe that’s why she has done a doll looking like a boy and took it to the prom. This photo is funny and sad at the same time. The cartoon or doll-like figure inevitably grabs all the attention, and we laugh at it. But we also feel sorry for understanding that it is the mockery for the girl.


Perfect Timed


Whoa! What an excellent photographic catch at the perfect time. That guy evidently never noticed that he is captured by the camera. It’s obvious that he has got her time for the prom. And then maybe he is too overwhelmed after seeing his partner in that a little bit showing up dress. He could not get his eyes off and kept staring at the bosom. The picture is hilarious as he does care about the camera at all. And look at the girl, she is all dressed up and posing. Funny! Hah!


Mr. Sneaky Photo Bombard

This picture is very lousy and funny at the same time. When you look at the picture, your eyes directly go to the man without dress behind and you just completely forgot about the beautiful girl on the front. That little teen is not aware of the photo bombarding she is having behind. But look at the hairy man. He is smiling, and he knows that he is being captured. How naughty he is to spoil the full picture of the sweet girl. Another interesting picture of the prom day which got spoiled.


Love is in the Air

Well, they say, a smile is the symbol of happiness. The beautiful couple in the picture is laughing together while posing. Isn’t that cute! The girl is so well dressed, and they also have a matching color in their dress. She is pulling his tie as a matter of the moment. Maybe something terribly sweet he has told her. And someone clicked it beautifully. The place is beautiful, and the couple is ready for the special night. They look so perfect together.


Caught in the Camera

Sometimes very embarrassing situations are captured in the camera if the photographer is witty enough. Like in this picture, the photographer has captured a very awkward situation where knowingly or unknowingly the girl has touched the bosom of another girl. It’s a group photo, and the reason is unknown why she has done that. But this happened and became a history. The funny part is the girl has no expression of feeling weird as it were right.


The Prom Queen

This picture is a meaning full one. The girl has decorated herself for everyday dating. She is looking like a goddess, and nothing can be compared to her. The guy beside her is holding a prize. Maybe it’s for the best-dressed prom. The man is posing for the picture and carefully look at the younger’s hairstyle. The girl has set up her hair, and it sounds like a helicopter which can be used.


Prom Day with Bodyguard

In this prom photo, probably the best prom pair is feeling insecure for some reasons, and they hire a bodyguard for their protection. Maybe we are wrong, they only posing for this photo to make their prom day for memorable and funny. But it is noticeable that one young boy behind them climb on a tree and enjoying the situation as well. These types of the funny photo make prom day more memorable to everyone.


Watery Fun


A prom is full of fun because students get to know many of the people whom they never gave notice before. In This photo, two beautiful girls are having their fun after the formal part. They are wet and stuck in the water. Another boy is shown from the behind who is apparently trying to help the girl. The girl in the white dress is seeking to get over of the situation, but they are having their fun. They are laughing and enjoying. And maybe it can be apparently said that the boy on the bridge is throwing them off into the lake.


The Helping Tool

People go way too far to make a thing so perfect. Now, look at the couple. They are so well dressed up, and her makeup is so done. Both of them are ready for the prom and giving poses. But reality knocked in the middle, and the guy had to be a little taller than that. Now, what could be more useful than a tool? The man stands on it and poses. But somebody took a sneak peak and published it, and that makes it so funny. This is another photo that says that proms are not easy.


Matching Maker

Would you ever think to have the same fabric for your and partners dress for prom? If you a get a little confused, you could get an idea of this picture. This beautiful couple is all ready to go to the prom. And what are they wearing! The same fabric and color! It looks a little cringe and weird. Look at the gown and tuxedo. It’s all the same. The fabric, color and everything else are so standard, and they look weird.


Weird Posers

This two teenage prom night attendee gave a very weird pose while shooting. It’s the tradition that they need to take pictures before going to the prom, and they are a little bit of embarrassed. That’s they look so weird. The funny part is the baby who has no clue about the photo, and he is playing all alone. Other people in the family are caught in the picture, but they are not focused. The picture is quickly taken to remember the day later.


Body Builders


When the girls go out for prom, it’s a great day for the family members. Look at the picture, two beautiful girls are all dressed up and ready for the prom, and it can be assumed that the bodybuilders who are showing their muscles are their family. They are all together for a family picture. But wait! What’s behind them? It looks like someone is crying for not being a part of it and another one is holding and consoling him. There is a saying that a picture speaks and this is a perfect example of it.


Rooster Keepers


Prom comes once for all. The girls wait for this day since they get to understand what a prom is. It’s critical for them to get someone to the prom. If they can’t do it, surely they don’t pose like this. Look at these girls; they are keeping roosters into their arms and posing for a picture. This picture reminds how far you can to pose for something new? We undoubtedly laugh out loud when we see this. Their expressions are so not funny rather grumpy. But isn’t that awkward to hold roosters for a pose! It might be a tradition. So many things happen when a prom comes. There are millions of stories of millions young stars and much more to come. They spend a day with a lot of expectations and high hopes. They even do everything to look good. Sometimes things go wrong, and we get some funny pictures to laugh at.