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You Are Too Lucky As Your Day Was Better Than These People (10 Images)

Sometimes the day starts on the wrong note and then deteriorates as it unfolds. At such time many of us think that they are the most unlucky to have the worst day of their lives. However, you have to admit that there are many people in this world that must have had a day worse […]

14 Awkward Pictures Caught In Facebook (14 Images)

Facebook has become an unbreakable part of everyone’s life. So far people are sharing almost everything on their social accounts. And in this virtual world, people forget whom they are talking to, what they are uploading and much more. Uploading pictures and screen shots of their comment section or inbox is a daily routine. Some […]

16 Things The UK Has That The US Needs To Have Now (16 Images)

The Americans can never be like the Britishers and vice versa. Both have different backgrounds and different forms of governments. There is the monarchy rule in England where as in America one follows the democratic way of electing the President. America has baseball as its national game while England has the gentleman’s game called cricket. […]

Funny Expectation Vs Reality Photos…!!! (15 Images)

It happens many times with all us that when you see something in the picture is so real and amazing but when you experience in reality then it is just opposite what you get in real. For example, you must have ordered some delicious looking food, which is in the photo which is usually advertised […]