20 Celebrities Artistic Design Tattoo! We Love..!!! (20 Images)

The very word ‘Tattoo’ is enough to excite our celebrities. While in the past it was restricted to rock stars and those who preferred to live their lives on the edge now we have almost every other celebrity sporting one. These days, however, celebrities treat it more of a fashion accessory, and without one they find it hard to belong to the club. Tattoo artists in Hollywood and other places are busy inking mottos, graphics and sometimes outrageous designs on the bodies of their clients. For some celebrities, it is a kind of therapy that allows them to relax and unwind as we see some of them come up with new tattoos every few months. So who sports the coolest tattoos in Hollywood? Whose symbols have landed them in a controversy? Here in this feature, we take a look at some of the most celebrity tattoos which can be defined as the best expression of art.

Britney Spears

You may mistake that to be lipstick, but that’s one of its kind tattoos that ‘Baby One More Time’ singer is seen sporting. The cure kiss-tattoo was done by Body & Soul Tattoo Studio way back in 2007 at Sherman Oaks. When it comes to sporting tattoos, Britney is no ordinary lady as she has been photographed in as many as ten symbols over the years. Unlike other celebrities who go for large and well-defined tattoos, Britney prefers them small and discreet which puts her in a different league that she would love. These tattoos give us an understanding of the person behind the name. There is an exciting side to this particular tattoo as it was done on the same day she decided to shave her head in what became one of the biggest news in Hollywood at that time.

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