Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of We would like to tell you that whenever you visit our website, you are allowed to search and share the information of choice, communication with people and creation of new content, etc. While using all these services in our website, you are many times asked to submit some information about you. In this privacy policy post, you will come to know that how do we use your information. In this content, you will be aware that what information is collected by us while you visit our website and why we collect that information. Secondly, you will know that how do we use the information and lastly, we offer you the choice to get access to update information.

What Information Do We Collect?

We manage a wide variety of information from you during the time you visit and browse our website. This information involves those that you fill in the forms, use while sending messages and uploading documents and other contents on our site. This information includes the data given by you while filling the registration and subscription form. Information which is provided by you and obtained from the public registers is also collected. If you have an account with the social media platform and you lot into our site through that account, we gather information on that also information that comes through your emails, complete survey and feedbacks and details of your visit to our website is also collected. Apart from these websites; we also gather information about your device along with the IP address for aggregating this info to our advertisers.

How Do We Use Your Information?

In case if we are about to sell the assets, we may disclose your personal information to the buyer of our assets and business. Same happens when we buy the assets; the information of relevant assets is disclosed to us by the seller. If the is acquired by a third party, your information will be disclosed to that party. We share the collected information with our suppliers, business partners, and sub-contractors. We never sell your information to the third party, but yes, we share the information with our third party advertisers.

Link to Other Websites

For SEO purposes, we post some links from other sites on a similar niche in our site. If you’re following any of those link(s), your information will be collected, shared and disclosed as per their privacy policy. We don’t sell your personal or any other information to any third party. Also, we don’t disclose our visitor information to any other party, and it’s maintained strictly.

Third Parties provides links to content from the web world. These links are called the third party links which are often for navigating other information only.  In other cases, these links are used to be sold as ads. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is compiled by us which means we don’t collect information from children who are below the age of 13 years. The content, services, and products we offer are directed for teenagers and adults.

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