People are always interested in watching various games as they add a bit of thrill as well as offer relaxation from the stress and tensions in their daily lives. Therefore, people are fans of different games as well as different sports persons depending on their choice of the game. These fans go to any length to prove that they are the biggest fans of a game, a team or a sportsperson. However, every game cannot be complete without such fans and these fans are the people who give the satisfaction of a well-played game to the player. There are also some fans, whose mere presence can cause a thrill in the stadium due to many reasons. We have compiled a list of photos which have captured such fans.

This is another fan who has the capacity to disturb the game if she wants but thankfully she is standing far away from the ground. She also seems quite serious about covering her impressive assets as she is wearing quite a modest dress. However, that is not helpful because her impressive body parts attracts attention even when it is fully covered. We have to say that these female fans help to increase the attraction of games.

It looks like that this female fan is feeling quite hot in this weather and that is why she is wearing a spaghetti top which is quite fitting and revealing her upper part quite a bit. Looking at her, we can say for sure that people sitting or standing around her must have been feeling warm as well. We are also sure that if any player would have taken a look at her, he would have got distracted and would have definitely made a mistake in the game.

It looks like that these two fans are playing a separate game with each other and the game is who is going to reveal more? It seems that there is a competition as to whose face is more impressive and we don’t think that there is a clear winner. Both the girls have impressive assets and they are eagerly showing them off. We were just wondering as to whether they paid any attention to the game for which they had come.


These ladies seem really happy for posing for the camera and they don’t look like they are feeling awkward due to their revealing cloths. It looks like that wearing skimpy flags at games is the norm for them and they don’t think it is a big deal if some skin is showing. However, we have to say that both of them are identical as far as their face is concerned.


This fan is really loyal to her team and she is showing her loyalty by showing the flag of the team. However, what we failed to understand is why she is wearing such revealing clothes when she was supposed to come to a stadium for watching a game. Maybe she was not able to bear the heat and therefore she is wearing such skimpy top. The players from her favorite team would have won for her if they had seen her.


This female fan seems to be challenging the other team to dare to play a game with her team. We have to say that anyone will take the challenge if that means that she will be present at the game. It seems that this beautiful lady is really trying to challenge someone, but we think that the nature of the challenge has no relation to the game which is being played in the stadium.


Although they looks like just teenage girls who have come to the stadium to cheer their favorite team, their dress tells another story. It seems that they want to draw attention to the fact that they are not a little girls anymore and proper attention must be paid to them. We just want to say that they should not flaunt them self in such a way as it can get them in trouble.


This female fan is also using her ample curves to keep her mobile safe. She does not want to keep her hands busy as she wants to cheer and therefore this place was safe for her phone. However, we are sure that she did not think that any camera will capture her and she will be a famous fan. However, we would like to suggest that she should have worn something else to keep her twin assets contained.


These fans are doing the shape of a butterfly with their hands which means we love you. However, it looks like they are pushing their chest up from their t-shirts. We are wondering as to why they would behave in such manner when they are aware that a camera was capturing their every movement. Maybe that is the reason they are showing off as they wanted to get their quota of the one-minute fame.


This female fan looks like an artist as she has painted her face with the colors of her favorite team. The face part she chose as a canvas is very interesting as it attracts everyone’s attention including the cameras. It looks like that she is doing this not only for cheering her favorite team but she also wants to be in the limelight even for a very short time. It looks like that she got her wish.