20 Former Celebrities Who Have Now Normal Jobs (20 Images)

When we talk about celebrities, we imagine them to have a larger than life ‘persona.’ They can do things that ordinary folks can only dream about; they often live a life that most people can only fantasize. They are the ones who set the fashion trends, and they give music to our lips. While some earn their stardom instantly, others gain it by putting years of hard work. But there is one thing that unites all of them; their life is constantly under the lens. If you talk about the larger world of showbiz, there are few who can hold their celebrity status all throughout their lives while for the rest stardom fades away. Even fewer can settle into a regular job, and here we take a look at some celebrities who have done so in their lives!!

Nikki Blonsky

Recall Tracy Turnblad from the 2007 romantic comedy Hairspray. Nikki played an overweight high school student who wants to make it to a dance television show and was much loved for this cute and romantic role. Though this performance was well-received and got her nominations to several awards, she didn’t find too many lead roles that would support her bills. That’s when she decided to try out an alternative career and applied for a cosmetology license. Today Nikki is a successful makeup artist and works in a New York salon near her hometown Great Neck. She also makes occasional television appearances but stays fully focused on her job where she has done decent name for herself and enjoyed near celebrity status.

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