Michael Zajkov is a creative artist, who creates realistic dolls. The dolls are unbelievably very much realistic, painted by hand. He and his beautiful dolls has become a sensation in the internet. Look at the pictures of the dolls below, and decide by yourself whether they are beautiful or creepy.Look at the faces of the dolls that he had made. They look so real that makes you feel creepy or you will feel just amazed. He too admits that some people find his dolls creepy. The dolls are made from special type of clay known as polymer clay. The Moscow based artist, has learned the sculpture from Kuban State University from Southern Russia.



He is the one who creates human like dolls which are just outstanding. He has more than 350 followers in the Instagram now. He has made his first doll at the theatre, where he was working as a puppet maker. His skills was known in 2013 in the Art Dolls, expo in Moscow, after that he has impressed many of his contemporaries and got international acclaim.



The eyes of the dolls, which you can see in the picture, are made from glass which are hand painted eyes. The material is transported from Germany. At the end of every detailing of the face, he fixes eye lashes which also look very real. The artist is inspired by the Rotraut Schrott and Laura Scattolini. And now he is becoming one of the biggest names in the world of doll art.



The artist is holding the face of the doll. Here in the picture he has created a face made from the special clay with the hand painted glass eyes, which is very beautifully fixed. The face looks so real but still some details in needed to make it more human like face.



Look at the picture; here you can see a lot of difference in the face from the previous one. The artist has added so many expressions to the face with some special feature into it. It is looking just marvellous. And look at the hands in the picture, they look so real. He posts the faces and hands of the dolls that are scattered around in his workshop.



Here is the picture, where he painting the lips of a face. When the artist has finished giving every single detail on the face and hands, he then paints the dolls. This gives the special and real skin tones to the dolls which just look like humans.



The artist uses craft realistic hair. The wigs of the dolls are especially made from the French mohair, which is a high quality product. It is also an expensive textile which is made from the angora goats’ hair. Look at the face looks so real, so human that’s so amazing.



Look at the final product, the dolls looks just incredible. The artist makes dresses from the handmade miniature clothing. You can see the clothing from the 1910 to 1915 era designs. He may like the clothing of those days but it looks so beautiful. He never forgets to miss any details even in clothes.



He is a true artist, which looks so real. For some people it may look a bit strange and weird but when the final product is made it just looks outstanding. He made his first doll in the year 2010 and now he keeps on posting images of his dolls in his Instagram page. Now he has more than 103,000 fans, from all around the world.



All the dolls are 27 inches tall. The artist uses the material from silk, voile and batiste. He has also used French laces, which could have seen in the early 1900’s. His skill is unique and is a true craftsmanship which goes in each one of them. Michael often posts all his finished products and this is one of them. He also posts short videos that how he is making all the dolls and giving every detail to it.