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15 Interesting Facts About The Titanic! (15 Images)

Dead Passengers

There were around 2,344 passengers on Titanic before the ship hit the iceberg on the pathetic morning of April the 15th 1912. They were separated in three different departments, or classes, based on the price of the ticket but also on their wealth and social status as well. First class was formed by businessmen, politicians, bankers, entertainers and professional athletes while second class passengers were mostly poor people, middle-class tourists, and professors. The third class was formed by emigrants who were leaving their countries to build a new life in the United States or Canada. After the impact with the iceberg, 1500 people died, of which 815 were passengers. It is somewhat implied that the first class ones had priority when it came to splitting the saving boats, which were designed only to save half of the people on the ship…The “better” half. The second and third class passengers didn’t have a real chance to survive, and they had to fight for their lives how they could. Very few made it to the other side still breathing.

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