Former fashion model and businesswoman Ivanka Trump is the daughter of current President of the United States Donald Trump and his ex-wife, Ivana Trump. Ivanka was born on 30th October 1981. At the age of 11, her parents were divorced. After completing her education, she started her career as a fashion model. Besides, she had worked for several advertisements of well-known brands. Ivanka has been featured in numerous renowned magazines like Ellie, Forbes, and Avenue. She has been an executive vice president of Trump Organization and considered one of the rising business women of Trump’s kingdom. Apart from his career, she has dated with a lot of celebrities, and finally, she got married to Jared Kushner, a real estate developer in 2009. She is currently working as an assistant of the President Donald Trump in White House. Though she is a mother of three children, still she looks very stunning and gorgeous. In this article, you can see some unseen photos of Ivanka Trump and hope you will enjoy it.

 One Frame Click

Wow!! These siblings are looking fabulous. Ivanka and her two brothers Donald Jr. and Eric pose for this photo after a wedding ceremony at Mar a Lagos Club, Palm Beach Florida in November 2005. Eric has a keen interest in his father business, and he came to media when he had spent lots of time on campaigns of his father Donald Trump USA General Election. Although has some controversy like his father during on media trial. It looks like they have a good bond and relationship with this picture.


Ivanka Trump’s Book Signing

Apart from being a fashion model and a businesswoman, Ivanka is a writer as well. This picture was taken at the book signing ceremony of her first book “The Trump Card” which was published in October 2009. The book was about on how a woman should achieve success in their life. The book signing ceremony was held at 5th Avenue, NYC. Ivanka was in a red dress, and she looked utterly gorgeous. The signature of Ivanka will appear when you remove the 20% off the sticker from the book.


Alec Baldwin Mocks at Ivanka Trump

‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon is a top-rated show. On 9th February 2017, Ivanka was the guest. During the show, Alec Baldwin mocks at Ivanka Trump that he bought a suit from her clothing line which was 95% off. He also prepared some jokes on Ivanka during the game “Box of Lies,” where Baldwin tried to break Donald Trump impression before USA Election. But everyone now understands that Trump is a man where he keeps the sign of victory everywhere. Though several media was against him during the election finally, he made it, wins the USA election and become proud 45th President of United States.


Lady in White

A 35-year-old former fashion model, Ivanka looked stunning in a beautiful white dress. She attended Vogue’s China event on 20th July 2015 at Met Museum in New York. Ivanka wore a short sleeved dress which also lit in the back and showed off her curvaceous figure. She was accessorized with a beautiful necklace, ring, and matching earrings. This blonde beauty could not stop smiling throughout the event. This business woman is now fashion Icon for lots of women. She always presents her as a stylish lady; even when she wasn’t much known by the general. During the USA election period, she had a very vital role in campaigns for his father. Actually on that time media made her coverage and well knew to everyone.


Beauty with the Billionaire

From 2004 to 2012, Donald Trump had appeared on the Met Gala’s Red Carpet for nine times which was more than Rihanna. In 2004, that was the first time when Donald Trump and Melania were on the red carpet for the first time. Their theme for Met Gala appearance was the fashion of the 18th Century. They look unique on the red carpet. However, they were recently engaged, and they came up with matching black attire. On that event, Ivanka, Donald, and Melania had snapped in one frame. Maybe this was the first photo of this recently engaged couple with Ivanka in an event. All of them are looking different.


Ivanka Says Her Father is Incredible

During the election campaign for Donald Trump, Ivanka asked the citizen to give proper time to her father to understand his responsibilities and see what he will do to the society. Ivanka always supports her dad, and she says in public that his father in an incredible, hardworking personality. He will do what is good for the society. This image was taken in the United States President Election campaign 2017. Ivanka added that she would travel the whole country to know the present situation and provide a better offer for the citizens.


Stunning Ivanka

Ivanka has attended Guggenheim Museum’s Young Collectors Council 2006 Artist’s Ball on 14th December 2006 at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. She was wearing a beautiful dress with matching bags. She was accessorized with a pair diamond earring. She was looking very stunning and gorgeous on that program, but we think she is much beautiful now then that period that’s why his father Donald Trump joking with Ivanka that if she weren’t my daughter, I would prefer to date with her.


Ivanka on Construction Site

We must say this is the only first family which is different than the others. On 2008, Ivanka Trump was snapped with her father Donald Trump in the construction site of the Trump International Tower in Chicago. Then Ivanka became the Vice President of the organization. When this photo was taken one reporter came and wanted to talk to the mogul of real estate business, but he refused to shake hands. He said shaking hand is a curse of American society. We think Donald Trump was just kidding with him because of his dirty hands.


Angry Ivanka Trump

During the Republican National Convention on 20th July 2016, Ted Cruz’s did not please Ivanka Trump. She became angry when Ted was giving his speech and refused to endorse her father on USA General Election. But, Trump ‘s hater said when Trump sits middle of the Ivanka and her husband, she became angry. In this image, she had been spotted angrily talking to someone outside the frame. In this picture, we can see that all of her family members were present that time. Ivanka Trump is always picture perfect women and rarely do we see her in such tamper. But after a while, Mr. Trump control the situation, and together they smile again.


Gave Birth of Her Third Child

Easter Sunday was very lucky for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. They had their third child on 27th March 2016. Ivanka got married to Jared on 2009. Jared had spent a good time for Trump campaigns as well. Now He is playing a powerhouse role in the White House though he has no any previous experience in politics. This is the last photo of the couple on Easter Sunday before giving birth to their third child. They step out hand in hand for breakfast on Easter Sunday in New York. Ivanka and Jared named their Third child “Theodore James Kushner.” Her family gave a warm welcome to the new member of the family.


Ivanka in Conference

Ivanka and Eric Trump participated in the first official contact with South American Country’s Government. This picture was snapped during the international conference where the Donald Trump was sitting with his children. The day before the event Ivanka also participated in a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister at the Trump Tower. Besides, she attended in father’s telephone conversation with the Argentine President, and He revealed that in the International event Donald Trump’s children would be with him.


Goodbye to Joan River

Joan Rivers was known as an American comedian, actress, writer, producer and a television host. Joan passed away at the age of 81 because of ‘Cerebral Hypoxia.’ Her funeral was an Emotional Goodbye. The ceremony was held at Temple Emanu-El in New York on September 14, 2014. All of her relatives, friends, Colleagues visited to say a goodbye for her final destination. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were present in the funeral to show her respect.


Gossip Girl’s Ivanka

All of us are concerned about Ivanka’s Lifestyle. She keeps herself busy all the time by attending the conference, meetings, tours, etc. But we must say she is a gossip girl. Are you guys thinking why we are calling her a gossip girl? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Ivanka and Jared were the participants of the ‘Gossip Girl’ season four’s sixth episode. This show was on air on their first wedding anniversary on 2010. Ivanka told that “she loves to watch gossip girl and she never misses any of the episodes.” she added that “It was a perfect time and fun filming the episode with Jared.”


Success Business Woman

During the Inauguration Day, Donald Trump says, “Buy Americans, Hire Americans.” But what is Ivanka doing? According to a report, Ivanka’s clothing line has taken the Trump branded shoes, bags from China since her father Donald Trump became the President of the United States. Her clothing line also includes two tons of polyester woven blouses, around 1,600 cowhide leather wallets and more than 23 tons of footwear. This image was taken in Ivanka’s clothing store where she was giving autographs to one of her fans and clients.


Wedding of Ivanka

Ivanka has dated with a lot of celebrity personalities, and finally, she tied the knot with the Real Estate developer Jared Kushner. They had two years of relationships and got engaged on August 2009. This picture was taken during their wedding ceremony held on Sunday, 25th October 2009 at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. In this picture, both of them was looking fabulous. Ivanka wore a custom designed by famous designer ‘Vera Wang’ and gown inspired by Grace Kelly. Her accessories were from her jeweler line. Jared wore a black suit and a bow tie, and he looked like a prince.


Younger Ivanka

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has said some awkward things about her daughter Ivanka Trump. But this image says something different. This is a famous photo of her childhood. It goes viral on the internet during the President Election of the United States, 2017. In this image, Ivanka wore contemporary casual outfits. The way Ivanka is posing with her father in this picture is not expected. Donald Trump always gives compliments to her daughter’s beauty. They love each other’s a lot. Trump also added that Ivanka is wonderful and he is so proud of her daughter. It seems like Ivanka is very much lucky as well to have a father like Donald Trump.


Family is Everything

Ivanka is a businesswoman, a writer and most importantly she is an assistant of the President Donald Trump in White House now. And it is a general fact that she is passing hectic time now a day. But when it comes to family nothing is more important than that. Ivanka loves her family a lot. When she gets time, she spends her time with her family and kids. However, Ivanka keeps her personal life away from the media and it is inaccessible, but as her father became the President both of her personal and professional life is on under the camera media world. This beautiful image she shares on her Instagram account for her friends and followers where she was spending time with her kids at her apartment.


Ivanka in Tube Works Factory

Ivanka Trump visited Middletown Tube Works, a welded steel tube supplier, on Thursday, October 6, 2016, in Middletown, Ohio. This photo was snapped while she was exploring the factory with the Angela Phillips. Angela had invited Ivanka to her factory along for a day. While visiting the factory, Ivanka also joined some other business woman there for the election campaign of her father USA General Election. Ivanka was looking stylish throughout the tour and campaigning period. In this photo, she was looking stunning with wearing a casual black shirt with a black top and a pair of white pants.


Ivanka With Students

Ivanka met with the students and faculty at Founder’s Academy, which is a public Chartered School in Manchester on 3rd November 2016. She looked gorgeous in a maroon sweater and a pair of gray pants. This photo was taken when she was chatting with a group of students at the school. While chatting with them, she jokes with a student about her height. Besides, Ivanka also had a look at an onion slice under a microscope. She visited the students for the USA General Election campaign for his father, Donald Trump.


Election Announcement Ceremony

On 15th June, Ivanka Trump and his family attended the 2016 president election speech with her father Donald Trump at Trump Tower. This is a memorable moment for their family. From Ivanka’s childhood, she loves her father a lot and supports him all the time, and the same thing happened to her family as well. Currently, Ivanka is working as an assistant to the President Donald Trump. In this frame, you chance to see his whole together. You also notice Tiffany Trump, who was just right of his father during this moment. She wasn’t much attractive face by the general people. Compare with these two sisters Ivanka plays a vital role during her father’s election period.