Generally, people look at the models because they are very beautiful and very slim. They have perfectly shaped figures and look amazing when they walk the ramp. However, there are some models who are not like the models who walk the ramp. These models are also beautiful but they are more concerned about their health and fitness. Therefore they can be considered as a rare combination of beauty as well as fitness. These models take their workout very seriously and ensure that they are fit and healthy. Looking at them will surely make you wonder as to how they can manage to stay so beautiful.

Valeria Orsini

Valeria is a great and successful model who has modeled for many magazines and have been on the cover of some magazines too. She keeps herself fit and in perfect shape by doing a workout routine called Muay Thai. She has such beautiful body that no one can stop at just one look at them.


Daphne Joy

This dusky beauty from the Philippines is very much famous for her beauty as well as awesome figure. Men must be flattering her everywhere she goes due to the amazing body which she proudly flaunts. She is quite a versatile personality as she has worked as a host as well as done some modelling. We are sure that she is was quite successful in her modelling career.


Kim Kardashian

This blond beauty is no one but the famous reality star Kim Kardashian. She has altered her look by going blond, but hiding her curvaceous figure is not possible and therefore everyone can recognize her from her twin assets as well as the curvaceous body. Kim also keeps herself fit and is not shy about showing off her beautiful body to the whole world because she is comfortable in her own skin.


Ana Cheri

No one would believe that this Californian beauty was a tomboy when she was growing up. However, it seems that she has shed her earlier image and now has become an amazingly pretty lady. She is a fan of fitness and therefore owns a gym where she inspires others to be fit and healthy like her. We have to say that everyone would like to visit a gym if they have a trainer like Ana Cheri.


Paige Hathaway

She is a huge star from Oklahoma who trains people to be healthy and fit. Although she started her career as a model, soon she realized the importance of health and fitness. She realized that exercise can not only change the way you look but also changes the way you think. Therefore she started working as a fitness trainer and got very famous for her training styles and workout routines.


Lais Deleon

Lais Deleon is famous for her workout plans as well as diet plans she shares on the internet. This amazing fitness model not only offers advice as to proper workout routines, but she also gives tips on proper, nutritious diet and tips regarding recovering from a proper exercise routine. She inspires people to eat healthily and do proper exercise to have a healthy, awesome body.


Nikki Blackletter

This Texan beauty was not this fit and healthy always. Quite the opposite, she was always partying and enjoying herself. However, once she realized that she was doing so many mistakes which can cost her health, she started doing exercises and eating healthy. Now she has her own fitness channel and shares her training videos which are followed by many.


Caitlin Rice

Canadian fitness model Caitlin is one of the owners of a fitness training center called FitNut Training. She lives up to her words and works out a lot so that she can be healthy and fit and retain such an amazing body. She is quite famous on Instagram where she shares her photos and people also follow the fitness tips given by her. Looking at her figure, we have to say that she is a good example for everyone.


Huda Kattan

We can say that this exotic Middle Eastern beauty is more famous for her blog on beauty and make rather than about her fit and shapely figure. She started writing her beauty blog when she was still studying at the University of Michigan. She has come a long way after this and she has millions of followers on Instagram and people also follow her on YouTube.


Michelle Lewin

Although Michelle lives in Miami currently, she is originally from Venezuela and this beautiful lady is also famous for her great bosom and beautiful photos which she posts on the Instagram. Millions of people follow her on the Instagram and are inspired due to her fitness level and shapely figure. Anyone will be ready to start exercising or doing work out if such a beautiful lady is their inspiration.