Photography is an art and photographer is an artist who creates those beautiful arts. Sometimes these artists create such an amazing arts which difficult to believe is it photography or Photoshop. Sometimes that meaning is not intended by the photographer, and sometimes the photographer has intentionally taken the snap. We see many photos a day, but all these pictures cannot give our eyes the same joy. Only some of those are catchy enough to get our attention. Here are some of those you would enjoy seeing.

Newspaper Uncovers Woman


That is truly a great cover up. A woman was reading a newspaper with a serious mood, but she produced laughter doing so. But why? Let us check it out. From her face, it is clear that the page she was reading must have printed something severe. Then why this is laughter producing? The newspaper she was reading covered herself from the neck, and only the face was seen. Meanwhile, the opposite side of the paper printed something which could manage to give her a new look without fail. It looks like that she is wearing lingerie on the upper part of her body.


Love in the Air

Wow! Two girls have twisted their bodies and made the shape of love. This is not so candid to do as you see and suppose it would be. It needs a lot of courage to make a lift in this way as there remains a chance that you might be injured while doing so. Nevertheless, their attempts have not gone in vain as you see that they have perfectly made the love shape. I wish I could do this with my friend!


Hail Baby

These days, even the little babies are aware of something which we usually think are the only concern of the adults. I don’t believe that this picture was taken purposely, but it became one of the LoL type photos. This photo might have made unconsciously and then whoever decided it might not have noticed the funniest part of this picture at that time. But later they found the LoL moment. This baby is looking at the upper parts of this lady in such a curious way that it’s hard not to laugh.


Lady Gulliver’s Caught


What do I see? Is that lady Gulliver with Lady Lilliput? I must say the concept is unique. It looks as if the small girl is jumping on the hands of the big girl from top to bottom. But the truth is that she is only sitting with that pose, and the other girl is jumping a little far from this big looking girl. I guess they planned it to create an extraordinary piece of art. Nevertheless, that big girl is enjoying the total event is evident from the smirk on her face.


Puppy Wants to Seduce Girl

What is this naughty puppy doing? Can anyone of you guess? Is it trying to loosen her liger, i.e.,? If it is, then why? What comes to my mind is that maybe this little puppy was curious to see the private part of this lady. Maybe she was so attractive that even the puppy could not refrain itself from seeing her altogether. I don’t know whether the woman is aware of it or not, but I hope she wouldn’t mind about this.


Peeper Monkey’s Caught

Sometimes even the animals act funny. It seems that she sat in a place where the animals have an easy entry. Maybe she was in a zoo. Whatever, the main thing is that meanwhile from nowhere a little monkey came to give her company. As the wind was blowing high, her skirt also started to flutter, and this curious monkey got a chance to visit her private regions. You can see that how seriously it is peeping into her skirts!


Is Dad Peeing in Front of Baby Girl?

It’s not always true that you will be a photographer only if you just own a camera. Around us, there are many things to capture and what most you need is the sense of perfect timing. This would be a lovely photo only if it depicted roaming of father and daughter. But as you can see, the girl is enjoying herself with water and dad is enjoying too seeing her lovely doll. Everything would be okay if the posture of the father and the spray of water didn’t match so perfectly that you are bound to think something amusing.


The Moon Makes Pyramid


This must remind you of the London 2012 Olympic. These Olympic rings were unveiled on London’s Tower Bridge. The first row has three rings; the second has two, one ring less than the beginning. And the third row has—wait! An Olympic symbol does not have the third row. It’s the moon. Well, this was perfectly captured when the moon was in the right position, and it seems that the photographer took this after measuring the diameter of the moon with the rings geometrically. The moon has given the Olympic rings a perfect shape of pyramid upside down.


Boy’s Found Walking on Water


What else will you want if you have a sunny day and a swimming pool? It’s good to enjoy in a swimming pool with friends on a hot summer day. Moreover, you shouldn’t ask for anything more when you got a friend who can make you walk on water. No Photoshop, no editing has been performed. This picture is genuine. It seems it was planned before because the jumpers appear conscious on the picture and that’s why he has maintained a posture as if he is not at all jumping but walking on water.


Cake Garment on Wedding Day

This is probably the loveliest perfect timed photo I have ever seen. At first sight, I thought it was a wedding dress. Tell me who wouldn’t think so? The pyramid shape of the cake and the table have perfectly deceived our eyes. Behind this, the lady is standing, and I believe it is her wedding day as she is wearing a white wedding frock. How can I see that? Well, from a closer introspection you will as well be able to see so.


Stylish Doggy

At first glance, it looks as if a dog is sitting on wearing a pink T-shirt, but the closer you see, the closer you get to know that it’s just a mere illusion of the photographer. These are the hands of a man. In fact, somebody was there with a dog, and somehow his face went behind the seat. At one point the front line of the dog and the body line of the man matched so perfectly that the photographer didn’t waste a moment to get it.


Hi Five Becomes Shocking


After realizing the trick of this photo, you will laugh out loud and at the same time will not cease to praise the perfectness of this picture. A cracker is lit on fire, and these two guys make a plan to take a snap by placing their hands together in a hi five style. It appears that the fire is coming out of their joint hands. I found this hilarious and I would like to apply this next time with my friends.


Ninja Chef

This chef must have won all the levels of the game Fruit Ninja and was very impressed by the game. That must be the reason that she practiced hard to achieve the effect which is captured in this image. Jokes apart, it is amazing the way she has cut the orange using her knives, and hats off to the photographer too as he or she captured the work by the chef at the right moment before the pieces of the fruits reached the counter top.


Magician Cyclist

It looks like this cyclist is so skilled that he can even ride on water and does not need solid ground to ride his cycle. The photographer had captured the man with his cycle when the wheels were just entering the water, giving an illusion that the man is riding his cycle on water. It must be a shallow creek, and it was possible for him to cross the stream on his cycle without worrying about any danger.


Bull Ran Through Bullfighter


Bullfighting requires brave bullfighters who can tackle the fight with a bull. The bullfighters are to put much effort while fighting because in a blink of eyes one can get smashed by bulls. The amazing part of this photo is that it was captured when the bullfighter was hit by the horns of the bull. It hit on the left side of his face, but it appears as if the horn has pierced into his throat and came out of his mouth. It’s very horrible to watch.


Human Face on Sand

image 6

Sometimes people help create a piece of art unknowingly. If you take a close look at this photo, you will be able to see a face in the sand which is blown due to the kick by one of the players. These people are enjoying a game of beach football, and there seems to be a shuffle between the players, and some sand is blown as a result of kicks.However, the sand is in the air in such a manner that it looks like there is a human face in the air which is made of sand. The life of this fantastic art is quite short. Therefore, it was the skill and the speed of the photographer in capturing the image in those few seconds.


Mountain He-Man

This image reminded us of the animated show He-man where he holds his sword in his hands, and it gets the power from the sky. This photo has the same effect, but there is no such power evident in it. The small vertical gap between these two parts of mountain or canyon looks like a mighty sword in the hands of the man standing at the base of the canyon.


Flaunt Your Knees


Yes, I can read your mind. I know what you have just thought after seeing this photo and how you laughed after that. Trust me; the same has happened to me. For a moment I thought that this girl is showing off her upper part of her body, but after some moment I found myself totally wrong. Which we took to be upper part are in fact her knees. The kneecap areas are very deceptive placed by this girl. I must admit that the picture taking idea is very witty.