Celebrities often get hitched by these photos. They feel awkward, and sometimes they don’t get even bothered. But this makes people laugh and sometimes disturbed. Clearly, not all the signs are good. But we laugh and look forward to more photos.  Cameras are always on them. Whether they get hiccups or their sports positions are the talk of the town. You can never feel bored as every day there is a new story. This photo clearly shows their passions, their awkward situations and now they are rolling down. So let’s watch it and laugh and don’t get intimately connected and never fail to make fun of this.

Whoa! Is that Stephanie Gilmore?


Have you heard the name “Stephanie Gilmore”? Ah! Of course, you do. She is a five-time winner of world’s women surfing. She is the queen of the waves, but fortune mocked her when she was shooting for Vogue at Sydney’s Bondy beach. Wearing a slim black swimsuit, she was shining with her beauty, but suddenly that thing happened. No one could ever imagine that her swim suit was eventually coming down from her body and revealing most of her upper parts. But she was a brave girl who took it generally and laughed at her failure of pull her dress back. That eased the situation, and later she changed her suit.


Picture of an Odd Time


In this picture, we can see that there is a girl’s soccer tournament going on. Two girls are chasing and accidentally the later one is looking very awkward while she is chasing the other one. This might seem hilarious, but this thing often happens in the soccer games. The picture looks like the behind is trying to touch her or doing some stuff. Oops! We don’t consider it as funny rather it’s embarrassing, though, it’s clear that they didn’t do purposely or maybe they did! How can you look at everything when you are seriously playing? And that’s why we get to see these things.


Sharapova’s Moment Captured

Who hasn’t heard the name of Maria Sharapova? The skinny and gorgeous lady rocks on the tennis ground with the white t-shirt and skinny pants. This photo was taken when she might be thinking and scratching herself in between the game. This does look a little bit embarrassing. Her thin body, flat chest and blonde hair are quite attractive, though. To some people, this look made her a beautiful lady. But of course, it should not be forgotten that her photo was taken unknowingly, and she didn’t think this, though. She is tough and does not pay any attention to people.


OMG!! It’s an Epic Fail in Weight Lifting

We have different players who were losing their strength in games like soccer, cricket or badminton. But the athletes also face horrible situations when they are showing their gymnastics in front of people. This picture clearly shows that how much pressure the lady athlete has given on herself that she got wet. Well, the picture is quite all over the internet, but we should know that she hasn’t done it purposely. It was out of her physical strength that she could not hold it back.


Wrong Kiss on the Wrong Piece

Well, we all know that when we win any trophy, we don’t think for a while to cherish the moment. This player didn’t even believe that. She just kissed on it, and the camera rolled on and took the snap. The shape of the trophy clearly indicates something else. This makes it fun and people can make sarcastic comments on that. Everybody laughed uproariously. A bit of awkwardness was made there as the picture says it all.


Lingerie Soccer Malfunctions


I never knew that lingerie soccer is played by girls nowadays. I mean, can you imagine something like that!! It’s bewildering and arousing for people who watched it. After seeing the picture, what can we say? Okay!! Are my eyes intact or it’s just popped out. Or did I miss anything? It’s a clear wardrobe malfunction. The girl might get embarrassed if she would have torn out that one. When the ladies run, they sometimes forget what is happening underneath. And before noticing, something like this happens. It can be called a defensive holding, but clearly, it is very awkward.


Wait a Minute!! Is that Popping Out!

When girls are playing tennis, they look terrifying with their white dresses. When they jump sometime or just blow another shot, sometimes their clothes get misplaced. Right now, it seems like her upper part is popping out from her t-shirt. But she is busy with playing, and she doesn’t bother about it. Her lower lingerie is also showing up. But like a real player, she is concentrating on her job.


Oops!! She is Smacked!!

Skating ‘s hard but when you are smacking down like this man!! The pain is unbearable. This can be assumed in different ways. It shows different symbols. It also can be sensual and what not!! This picture is a right photo at the right time. Reporters never fail to catch these moments and make us think in thousands way..phew!


Tight Shorts on a Volleyball Girl


Volleyball girls always get some extra attention when they play. Their smooth figure, extravagant style, and their tight shorts are always on top of talking. They look more attractive than others when they play on the ground; audience eyes are always on them. The camera rolls upon them and sometimes catch the weird moment when they forget about the surroundings. Something like that happened to this player too. She ignored the environment and went on scratching her back.


Crazy Bullfighting Narrow Downs the Fighter


Bullfighting is a stupid game, and often people get hurt. We can assume from this picture that the fighter gets his ass kicked by the bully. It attacked the sensitive place of the ring man, or it might be the master. Oh!! Poor boy!! He is entirely kicked down. He is hurt may be. It creates a sad reaction to the player.


Sumo Wrestling!


Women and fighting are two similar words….sounded funny?? But it’s the truth. When they get to hit, they don’t leave anybody. In sumo wrestling, they are more interested right now. In this one, they are kicking each other hard. They forget about their dresses and look at their postures!! They look like angry and beating every nail down. Both of them are defensive.


Beautiful Ladies Hitting Each Other


Regarding play, girls are always best defensive. They give the nail-beating performance and don’t get bothered what kind of game it is. Sometimes they are even more dangerous and become personal. They don’t even try to control themselves and hit in the face. Just look at this defense…Ouch!! It sounds scary and painful. But what to do!! They have to defend, or others will pull them down. It’s called softball and look what they are doing! It’s also called slow pitch football.


Hola! Tennis Player on the Rocks


Most of the tennis players become awkward when they see their pictures in the various papers and all. Did they think that their short and tight outfits would make so much popular among their fan? Their fans wait to see a little bit more whenever they give a shot. Just like this…something should have been showed by this picture. The way she is standing or giving her posture is quite awkward to watch. Her lower part of the dress is wide open from behind, and the camera catches this.


OMG!! What Has She Done!!


This gymnast of this picture clearly fell while taking her shot. But none could stop laughing after seeing this. She just fell, and half of her body is open apart. What is she doing there? And who is she? Her face is not clear. It’s nothing but a bad fall. She might be embarrassed or crying that’s why she doesn’t want to show her face. It’s off course sad indeed.


Smack in the Face


You want to be defensive and arguing than come to this play. Look at this one! Such smacking power she has and how awkwardly she is playing. Another right time photo in this snap. They are looking like quarreling each other. This looks like girls fighting in a serious game more like football. They were defending themselves. And the opposing player is apparently attacking her on the face to make her stop. But will she stop? This seems fascinating.