Cookies Policy

Cookie policy utilizes cookies to understand the preference and choice of our users. The user can delete or reject the cookie policy as per his/her requirement. This post will give you more information about our cookies policy –

What are cookies?

Cookies are nothing but small data files which are placed in the device of the user to allow the site to recognize its users. This recognition further works by suggesting the services, content, and information of users’ choice. In this way, whenever the user come back to browse the same website on the same device and browser, you will get suggestions to open the same web pages that you searched earlier. The word ‘cookie’ is used for referring the policy that deals with small files collecting information for recognition of users.

Use of cookies

Cookies are utilized by the website for knowing whether the computer or device you are using to browse the site, has been used before also for the same. In this way, the cookies are helpful to remind you your preferences and help you navigate the web pages of choice efficiently. This will ultimately improve your browsing experience. On the other hand, website owners use these cookies to know that how their sites are being used and which web pages are catching more audience.

To get more information about the Google Analytics cookies, please visit official Google Analytics page

How can you control and delete cookies?

If you don’t want these cookies to be saved on your computer, you can only delete them or reject them. Although the cookies are not used to collect your personal information by the site, still you can restrict them by changing the settings of your browser if you want. You just need to go to the ‘help’ function of your browser and disable the relevant links provided there for setting cookies via the site.
As an alternative, you can go to and find out everything about cookies and ways to block them in different browsers.