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15 Most Embarrassing Fails of All Time (15 Images)

People often become the victim of embarrassment knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes they try to prove something by uploading their photos while becoming the laughing stock of others. Later, they get embarrassed in public. Again, for some people, their unconscious moments get captured, and they also become the embarrassing fails. This happens quite often that almost all people might have had gone through their awkward moments. Why not? Because nobody is perfect in this world. However, get ready to see some of those awkward moments which captured on camera.

Crazy Fans

It looks like the fans of this artist are very enthusiastic. They want to get very close to her so that they can touch her. One of them seems a bit brave as he has put his hand almost on the private parts of the artist. What we are wondering is that how come the artist is not aware that someone is touching her inappropriately. Maybe, she is so engrossed in her music that she is oblivious to everything happening around her.

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