Get ready to be introduced to some wowing, positively stumbling and at times embarrassing and uncomfortable moments/situations captured by Google map cameras. These are finely picked photos, so-no doubt you will find them entertaining and catchy. This will be indeed interesting as our list will include so many varied situations of people who were acting or behaving ah let us call it-a bit weird, not usual and not stereotypical! Of course, there will be pictures where you see people doing things that can quickly make you say-oh wow, unbelievable, “this dude is cool,” “I could not be doing that” or “God, please don’t put me in such circumstances”! Oh yes, and this sort of pictures is not few! We are all ready, are you too? Let’s bring them!

A Dog-Car Drive Shock

images caught on google maps

Do you own a car? If yes, it is for sure you like to make a tuning on it, don’t you? In this picture we can see a car owner who probably adores his dog, so he decided to put a dog costume onto his car! You haven’t seen such a thing before, have you? Hard to find a car with such a “unique design”! This is how the car looks externally, and we had no chance to observe the interior of the vehicle. But you know what you can be 110% confident that the car owner applied the very same-“the dog related” style into his car! Also, take a look at a policeman on a bike who is driving next to that vehicle, trying to understand the nature of the car and cannot figure out what he can come up with! The owner of a doggy-car is not breaking any law; he is entertaining other drivers and side walkers! No doubt his dog loves him too!!!

Drivers Love Red Stop at Times

weird things caught google camera

We all have a favorite type of sport that we enjoy doing or at least watching! What about if you see athletes on the roads, who entertain you while you are on a red traffic light. No doubt you would like it! Here, in this picture, you see two young men, obviously athletes and a girl, also an athlete, probably a professional one, who are demonstrating a sort of basic pyramid shape trick to the drivers, who are waiting for “go” command to appear in a traffic light. Our lives and the planet becomes much more interesting, beautiful, content and entertaining when such things happen in our ways and roads, do you agree? It seems that these three athletes have set a serious, life changing mission for themselves – to make drivers happier, less aggressive and practice their patience! Oh yes, no doubts it is so, and this is indeed a great and valuable mission!

For Sure Someone Will Stop Now

crazy google caught camera

After collecting worth seeing pictures from Google map captions, we have come up with the idea that it has so many things to offer-including “attractive ladies.” We all find ourselves in awkward or uncomfortable situations, and this photo is similar to what we talk about. Three young and gorgeous girls either feel hot weather or got their clothes stolen-because they are at the roadside with minimum “amount of clothes”! You probably think that some driver will 110% stop and pick these girls and help them, not because of generosity, but because these ladies are indeed beautiful! The ladies have a few things with them, maybe even less than that-oh I got that word-“they have a limited amount of stuff with them”-bags and water only! This story will have a happy end that will occur probably in less than 15 minutes! The help is all around that are cars!

It is Not for a Google Camera; It’s for My Boyfriend

caughton camera google street view

Pictures are great tools to keep memories saved, and we take them when we are in groups, we take selfies, we take pictures for our spouses and with spouses! In this picture, we see a young lady who was probably asked by his boyfriend to take a picture of having a camping, swimming, picnic or some similar type of rest. The young girl is in a swim suit and agrees for a picture, however, “there was not only his boyfriend (probably) who was taking her picture”-a Google camera was up there too! Wow, you may say! Yes, there are times when you can be photographed even you didn’t know or wanted to about. And this picture is a great and obvious example of this! A swim costume picture is not a private image type of thing; however, it is still a case to consider when your picture is on “Google maps”!

An Accidental Car Break

embarrassing images caught on google

Those who drive a car they know how much frustrating it is to have a car broken in a wrong time, in a wrong place! It is worse when a car driver is not familiar with fixing issues! Oh God, we hope you never get into a problematic situation that you can see in this picture-a young lady has her head under the car, she is lying on the ground and trying to find a solution to her car break! She is so much into fixing the car that she has forgotten that people around her can see her under garments-we hope and cross our fingers that she forgives us for this word! A man next to her is also doing his best to get out of a broken car labyrinth! Their car decided not to move anymore right in the center of a busy road; this makes our couple feel more intense!

Cowgirls in the Neighborhood!

funny images from google street view

There is no doubt that ladies are attracted by cowboys, and cowgirls attract men! Unfortunately, they are not seen in every city or town-they are located geographically in some regions of the country. However, we have a photo here that is an exception! Young ladies are dressed in a cowgirl outfit and walking on the streets-but they are not so unusual because they are stylish cowgirls! Their clothes are a mixture of cowgirl style and up to date fashion! Yes, this is true, and it indeed looks gorgeous and breathtaking! We are 100% confident that you have the same view on that, don’t you?! All the girls excluding two only, they have worked on their boots as well, they are wearing cowgirl shoes! Google maps camera shows us that it does not miss pictures that can easily amaze you! We are amazed-what about you all who love watching Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino movies?!

Google Cameras Love Gorgeous Ladies!

embarrassing google street view sighting

If you remember, we have spoken earlier that Google cameras have so much fun and memorable moments to offer! This picture features six stunning young ladies who can be proud of their looks and healthy physique. The picture also included a man, behind the girl in the middle. However, he seems like he is very well hidden. The girls decided not to show their faces, eyes, and preferred cover them with hands. Probably they knew of Google cameras! Now, again back to that statement-Google maps cameras are indeed entertaining, no doubts! This picture has been taken in Denver, Colorado, at the front door of a tanning salon! We liked the photo shooting talent of Google cameras! Are you amazed too?! Hurry to share this picture; it is indeed worthwhile to see! When the time comes for Google maps to update their system, for sure, they will leave this location and photo as it is now!

Car Crashes are Everywhere-Even in Google Map

google camera caught car accident

Yes, as the title suggests, a Google maps camera has a crash picture as well! The important thing to mention here is that it includes a pregnant woman. Do not worry-she is all safe, it even seems like it was she who caused a problem to another car! Police officers have taken a situation into control, so again-do not worries our dear viewers. It is a small crash. However, the woman seems to react emotionally, and we mean she is not acting like a victim but angrily! What we can sum up looking at this photo is that Google maps cameras are indeed entertaining, and fun to contemplate! Yes, we used that word to consider because if you look into Google maps carefully, you can find more than what you expect to see! In case police need additional proof, they can look up on Google maps because the lady’s case is right up there!

A Sneaky Man!

funny google image searcher

We all love surprises, however, let’s not forget that surprises can be both positive and negative! The picture here shared by Google maps camera shows us a man acting sneaky and want to do something to a girl who does not know the man is behind-hiding himself! Oh, boy-we hope he has a good intention. Otherwise, Google cameras are up there, watching him, capturing him! Maybe he is the young lady’s boyfriend, let us assume and hope so! Haha, crossing our fingers that the story will have a happy end! He looks at her with “hungry eyes”! So, what we can take from this photo is that love not only makes people blind, it also makes them hungry!

The Golden-Robo Girls

images caught on google map

Not so frequently we see unusually dressed people on the streets. But we can say this: there is a very slim probability for us to see girls dressed in golden clothes-oh no, it is not real gold; it is just gold color costumes! Check the photo one more time in details-can we call them “The Robo Girls”?! Oh wow, sounds like Superman or Captain America titles, doesn’t it?! We have just now created a new type of heroes; did you notice that?! We have no doubts that these young “Super Ladies” are going to complete some mission that normal human being cannot accomplish! Be careful; they can blaze your eyes in case you meet them on the streets because they are “Golden”!

Is He Panhandling or…What Is He Doing?

The shocking images revealed on google earth

At times we see people dressed unusual ways because of their jobs, lifestyles, fashion and self -expression. However, this picture features a person dressed completely covered in orange color, and his face is also covered, and he is handing a cardboard which includes words. Unfortunately, we cannot see. This man has a table next to him, and he has some food items on there. He has a working tool to clean up leaves off the lawn. Strange picture-we even believe that this can be a mannequin and not a real person; however, we are not pretty sure. Google maps cameras have captured this picture, and it is worthwhile to see, and even share! Don’t you think so?! If you walk on the streets and encounter this situation, you will be interested to know whether this is a real person or just fake body dressed up by entertaining individuals who like to have fun! Judge it yourself!

Self Torturing Athletes

embarrassing images caught on google

Who likes to go out on a hot day?! Of course none of us! What about to go outside on a heating day to do sports? “Oh, no way!” – You are replying, no doubts, and it is an ok thing! Now, let me talk about this amazing picture, so you will understand where I am coming from. In this picture, two young men are wearing divers’ costume and running in the big sun! Yes, you have heard me correctly they are running in divers’ costume! Oh man-for sure they will be taking breaks so frequently because this is what you do when you run in the sun wearing outfits designed for diving! If you see such picture when you are on the streets-would, you take a photo of it?! However, this time Google cameras have done it for us! So, no need take care of your health and stay indoors when the sun is hitting!

Pigeons-Heads All Over!

embrassing images caught by google camera

Pigeons are mostly seen in parks, nature, and places where food is abundant for them! Be ready to be introduced to lots of pigeon-head people-they are seven, can you believe that?! Google maps cameras have captured seven people who were wearing pigeon-head masks, and the caption indeed looks like “True Art”! They are watching the camera imitating pigeons, and let us say this-they did it! The picture is beautiful by the way because trees are surrounding our pigeon-heads, isn’t it beautiful? Take a look at the photo carefully! Oh yes, now you see that! The question is how they had masks with them, and did they know about the picture beforehand? Seven people and all of them have the same mask, the same color oh man it is becoming mysterious, isn’t it?

Survival in the Sun!

google camera caught funny images

What do you crave when the sun is hitting you with no mercy? When you find it harder every time you make your next step on the burning streets…Your answer is WATER! This man in the caption is wetting himself right on the street, yes this is what heat does to you! No doubts he could hold his thirst no more, and became a star of Google maps cameras! He took off his shirt, soaked it in water and here you go enjoying the most precious gift of our mother nature! We and Google maps cameras hope and believe he now feels relieved; he deserved it! Moral of this story is trying to stay at home when outside is heating, but in case you have to go outside, do not forget to carry enough water-because Google maps cameras are there, ready to take a photo of you!

Tired Judge Dread

google street view fails

Some photos immediately make you go LOL! We believe that this picture taken by smart and entertaining Google maps cameras will be held among your favorite fall photos collection! Check this out-a man wearing Judge Dread is sleeping on a park bench! Google cameras didn’t miss that one of course! Probably he is tired fighting with bad guys for justice-yes, no doubt! However, what makes us feel worried is that his sleeping posture maybe he needs some umbrella on top of him…No! What he needs is to take off his “duty costume,” get a real bed with pillow and AC and have a tight sleep! Do you support our idea?! Come on guys-we need Judge Dread to make the world a better place, don’t we?!

A Bucket is Her Umbrella (at least TODAY!)

google street view embarrassing fails

There are times when the sun is hard on us with its killing heat! Such occasion takes place in a park, and a woman decides to use a bucket she was carrying to cover her head. Yes, it may seem a bit unusual for some people; however, there are more supporters of hers in this case. We agree with Google maps cameras-this photo does deserve attention! What would you do? Would you share your umbrella with this senior woman, take a picture of hers, or just walk by with no action? Google maps cameras do this-they take a picture! Haha! These cameras love to have fun like no one else out there, not you, not them or us can compare to them!

A Parrot Man?… Ahhh No-We Are Not Sure!

google street camera caught

Today, we have seen that Google maps cameras take all kind of people, all sorts of moments/situations and nearly never miss anything! Check this one out-it ‘s hard to guess what this man is doing, however, his costume is entertaining, stunning! He is wearing a suit type of cloth that includes two colors-blue and yellow! We are not sure whether he wants to show himself as an airplane, a tropical parrot-but we do know that Google maps cameras attract more and more viewers because of pictures they capture! Oh yes! They love to catch everything!

A Horseman

awkward google map picture

Funny pictures, photos that make you laugh are all around, easy to find! We take such pictures when we feel happy, and want to have and share some fun! Did you know that horseman exist on our planet?! Of course, you are laughing and saying No-and you are correct; they don’t exist. However, a man can wear a mask of a horse, and this is what we can see in this photo! A Google map camera has captured a “Horseman” standing next to a young lady-it seems like they are a couple who enjoy having a fun time! A horse-mask has become a very popular among those who want to take funny photos! This young man and lady achieved what they were intended to do-they now have a picture to share with their friend to make them “LOL”! One thing we got to mention-a horseman knows how to be stylish-check out his outfits!

The Camera Captures “No Crimes.”

awkward images from google street camera

Oh, this Google maps cameras-they capture a whole lot of interesting stories up there! This time, police officers and so called “suspicious” citizens can be seen in the photo. This one is interesting, isn’t it?! Four police officers are checking five Americans who are sitting on the street and showing that they have no idea why to come up to them. One of them is even arguing with one of the officers! Haha, let’s mention this-the Google maps camera shows no crimes, and not even an intention to look or seem suspicious! Oh, the man-this camera can show dark sides of our world too, however not this time. Everything is as they say “cool and chilling”! Nothing more can be seen! Probably, police had decided to stop because there is a stop sign just in the place where these innocent people are “Hanging Out”!

An Ostrich Officer

awkward google earth images

You have seen an animal on your roads, right? This is a typical case in most countries. However, what if you see an ostrich on your way and it goes with its head into your car? Oh yes, this one is something unusual! This is what is happening in the picture here. The ostrich is kind of “inspecting” the cars standing in the middle of the road. It reminds you a police officer, doesn’t it? Note that there are several cars are coming over that needs to be checked. Ostriches are known for biting and kicking like an Eastern Martial Artist. However, not all drivers are scared of him in this photo. Google map camera has captured some worthy picture up here; it is indeed unusual and entertaining! Drive and go out more to the woods to increase your probability to be with similar views! A friendly ostrich officer is near!