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20 Embarrassing Street Views Caught By Google Camera! (20 Images)

Get ready to be introduced to some wowing, positively stumbling and at times embarrassing and uncomfortable moments/situations captured by Google map cameras. These are finely picked photos, so-no doubt you will find them entertaining and catchy. This will be indeed interesting as our list will include so many varied situations of people who were acting or behaving ah let us call it-a bit weird, not usual and not stereotypical! Of course, there will be pictures where you see people doing things that can quickly make you say-oh wow, unbelievable, “this dude is cool,” “I could not be doing that” or “God, please don’t put me in such circumstances”! Oh yes, and this sort of pictures is not few! We are all ready, are you too? Let’s bring them!

A Dog-Car Drive Shock

images caught on google maps

Do you own a car? If yes, it is for sure you like to make a tuning on it, don’t you? In this picture we can see a car owner who probably adores his dog, so he decided to put a dog costume onto his car! You haven’t seen such a thing before, have you? Hard to find a car with such a “unique design”! This is how the car looks externally, and we had no chance to observe the interior of the vehicle. But you know what you can be 110% confident that the car owner applied the very same-“the dog related” style into his car! Also, take a look at a policeman on a bike who is driving next to that vehicle, trying to understand the nature of the car and cannot figure out what he can come up with! The owner of a doggy-car is not breaking any law; he is entertaining other drivers and side walkers! No doubt his dog loves him too!!!

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