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20 Embarrassing Street Views Caught By Google Camera! (20 Images)

Drivers Love Red Stop at Times

weird things caught google camera

We all have a favorite type of sport that we enjoy doing or at least watching! What about if you see athletes on the roads, who entertain you while you are on a red traffic light. No doubt you would like it! Here, in this picture, you see two young men, obviously athletes and a girl, also an athlete, probably a professional one, who are demonstrating a sort of basic pyramid shape trick to the drivers, who are waiting for “go” command to appear in a traffic light. Our lives and the planet becomes much more interesting, beautiful, content and entertaining when such things happen in our ways and roads, do you agree? It seems that these three athletes have set a serious, life changing mission for themselves – to make drivers happier, less aggressive and practice their patience! Oh yes, no doubts it is so, and this is indeed a great and valuable mission!

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