Each and every one of us must have heard or read the fairy tale in our childhood. Those fairy-tale have shaped us in many ways as they have taught us values, morals and also made us learn caution. They have always been part of a tradition which still continues when we tell such stories of fairies and talking animals to our kids. In a way, we introduce them to the land of fantasy where everything is possible if you believe in it. The stories not only entertain us, but they make us believe in the goodness in everyone, be it a human being or an animal.

A photographer named Katerina Plotnikova wanted to create the fairytale land in reality and therefore she thought of a concept where she photographed pretty girls and real animals to recreate the fairytale. When you will take a look at these pictures, you will surely be taken into the fantasy land where pretty princesses are interacting with animals with special powers. This image of a bear and a young girl reminds us of the story of the Beauty and the beast.

image 1


According to the photographer who is based in Moscow, she wanted to give a feel of wonderland where everything is beautiful and majestic. She also wanted to make us feel the beauty of these fairytales which have always been present in our lives. All these photos are real with real animals with the pretty girls. Not a single photo is digitally altered and it gives the best effect to those photos. This image reminds of the innocent and peaceful beauty of the princess from the Sleeping Beauty.

image 2


All these photographs reach out to everyone with their power of innocence and the resemblance to the stories from our childhood. The photographs are taken in such a way that you will feel that you are present with these princesses and their guardian animals and you will experience the tranquil nature and the beauty of the relation between these girls and the animals. This image projects the protective instinct of the elephant towards the girl standing next to him.

image 3


These photos go beyond the realm of present and take you in a land where you will experience the wonders of nature and also feel the depth of love from these animals. These photos by Katerina makes you rethink about your theories and force you to go back to your roots when everything was simple because you used to believe in the goodness of human beings as well as in animals. This photo shows how the bear is expressing its fondness for the girl by literally hugging her.

image 4


We need to understand that all the animals used in these photos were real and there were trainers who were continuously present for each every shot. However, the expressions on the faces of these girls are so serene that it is evident that they are really comfortable in the company of these animals and not at all afraid of them. Such confidence and trust can only be present in children and the photographer has perfectly captured the trust and the innocence in each and every photo

image 5


This photo of a young lady and a mother camel and the baby camel is very adorable. It looks like that the mother and baby camel are very happy to see the girl. The expressions on the face of the girl are so calm and peaceful, that it feels like she was expecting these camels to come to her because it is routine for them. Not a single photo has the vibe that the girls or the animals are not comfortable with each other and they are being forced for the photo shoot.

image 6


From our childhood, we have heard stories of a fox who is very cunning and with its intelligence, he manages to achieve everything he wants. However, the fox which is sleeping beside the girl looks so peaceful and calm that no one will believe that he could be so cunning. Maybe we project our feelings and vibes on the animals and it is really not fair to them. The unusual friendship between these two gives a very nice look to this photo.

image 7


The elk has always been projected as a magical creature in the stories that were told in our childhood. It had magical powers which he used to help the princess or prince who was in trouble. In this photo too, the girl seems to trust the elk wholeheartedly and the elk seems to reciprocate the feeling. This photo can be considered as an example of friendship between these two. The comfort level between these two is quite high and one is able to feel it even from a photograph.

image 8


This is another photo of the mother camel with the girl. Although the baby camel is absent in this photograph, it seems that the mother camel is considering the young girl as her baby and that is the way she is hugging her. The purity of emotion and the innocence of relationship are reaching to the person looking at the photograph.This is nothing but the talent of the photographer as she has captured the moments and the feelings so perfectly that it feels like she understood what these two were feeling.

image 9


It looks like that this little fox feels really safe and comfortable in the hands of this young girl. One thing to note about this photo experiment is that all the animals featured in these photos are wild animals but they are so comfortable with all these girls that it feels like they are pet animals of these girls. The rapport between these animals and the girls is really wonderful, so we can say for sure that fairytales are quite real as this is nothing less than magic.

image 10


We know that there was a wolf in this particular tale, but the girl wearing a red dress with a hood who is holding a fox in her hands looks exactly like the little girl from that story. However there is one difference and that difference is that the wolf was bad in that story but here the fox looks really harmless and it seems to be enjoying the attention given to him by the girl. Maybe this story will end differently.

image 11


These two chipmunks are too adorable and they are sitting on the shoulders of these girls very comfortably. It must have taken a lot of patience on the part of the photographer as the chipmunks are not exactly known for giving poses for the camera. Maybe they just feel that those two girls are just like their little chipmunk buddies and that is why they are so comfortable and not afraid of those girls. Whatever the reason, the chipmunks and these girls are looking really cute in this photo.

image 12


The owls are generally considered as night creatures and therefore many people think that they are not good creatures and many taboo stories are written about them.However, this owl in the hands of this pretty girl is too adorable to call it an evil creature. It reminds us of the modern fairy tales that is the stories of Harry Potter and their owls who work as messengers for all the magic people. Maybe owls are really the magic creatures and therefore, they are awake at night so that they can protect all of us.

image 13


This photo captured a beautiful moment between this moose and this young girl. It looks like that the girl wanted to share something important with the moose and the moose has also listened patiently to the story. Now the moose is just soothing the girl by its mere presence as the girl looks really peaceful and serene when she is hugging the moose. Sometimes animals offer us silent strength and that gives us peace and comfort. Sometimes the words are not necessary.

image 14


It looks like that a fairy is standing with her per peacock in front of her fairy home. The young girl really looks like a fairy who has a pet peacock. The vibrant and beautiful colors of the peacock are in contrast with the pale dress of the girl and the beautiful surroundings. The photo has captured the natural beauty so well that the photo looks real and anyone would want to go and visit the little fairy home and meet this beautiful fairy.

image 15