These Pictures Of Real Animals And Pretty Girls Will Remember You An Enchanted Fairytale Land (15 Images)

Each and every one of us must have heard or read the fairy tale in our childhood. Those fairy-tale have shaped us in many ways as they have taught us values, morals and also made us learn caution. They have always been part of a tradition which still continues when we tell such stories of fairies and talking animals to our kids. In a way, we introduce them to the land of fantasy where everything is possible if you believe in it. The stories not only entertain us, but they make us believe in the goodness in everyone, be it a human being or an animal.

A photographer named Katerina Plotnikova wanted to create the fairytale land in reality and therefore she thought of a concept where she photographed pretty girls and real animals to recreate the fairytale. When you will take a look at these pictures, you will surely be taken into the fantasy land where pretty princesses are interacting with animals with special powers. This image of a bear and a young girl reminds us of the story of the Beauty and the beast.

image 1

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