There’s a saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” But what if you ruin your beauty in your hands before the right time? Well! Throughout ages, people have worshiped the beauty of the celebrities as well as craved for their beauties. But there are some whose transformation of vision with their ages is shocking. The beauties which once spell bounded the audiences are now no more. Due to plastic surgeries, drinking habit, party, and active lifestyle the iconic attractions have had to pay a lot. Time devoured their mysterious beauty. We can understand it’s a bad issue for the celebrities. As we know, they need to maintain their looks, figure to exist in the world of entertainment and glamor. But sadly the proverb “Beauty flourishes with ages” really doesn’t go with them. Let’s check out some of them.

Barbara Streisand (Before)

The 74 years old Barbara who once rocked on the stage has gone through a drastic change. She appears no longer the same Barbara who was an icon in multiple fields of entertainment as she also worked as an actress is the Hollywood industry and had been recognized with so many prestigious awards.


Barbara Streisand (After)

However, not very much sure about her being a victim of surgery but as you can assume to what extent one rock star go with a drinking habit. They tend to go alcoholic quickly usually. And if one asks whether we miss her mesmerizing appearance or not? The answer is a definite YES!


Brigitte Bardot (Before)


Wait! Wait! What did you say just? Don’t you believe the above pictures are the same person? You can be assured that these two belong to the same person. This French lady was renowned for an actress, model and singer and so on. The beautiful model got fame when she got an award for the best foreign actress for her role in “A Very Private Affair.”


Brigitte Bardot (After)

Like others, her unfathomable beauty transformation too caught the attention of many. It should be stated that she is a breast cancer survivor. The suffering of this ailment is easily assumed and marked on her face. Again some tranquilizers which she used to take with wine have done much to perish her exquisiteness. Yes, Brigitte, we can quote you “Every age can be enchanting.” But there’s doubt. Comparing your past with the present, do the audiences think like you or not.


Britney Spears (Before)


Baby One More Time” I wish you would become young again. Who hasn’t fall in love with this charming, talented, gorgeous, beautiful pop singer and her songs? Her songs are popular, and she is a craze among today’s song lovers. Her coming into the film industry through “Longshot” also cut a great figure.


Britney Spears (After)

Taking about this two-times platinum winner one thing is true that at this young age compared to others, the change of her look is grotesque. Rumor says that she has got a bosom implant. But the nose job is for sure as one can easily differentiate between her old bulbous nose and current sharp shapely pointed nose. Lip Fillers, Liposuction, but implants are also on the list of her surgeries. Though she denies, her lips don’t look like it once used to be.


Carrie Fisher (Before)

Carrie Fisher was an American writer and a well-known singer. She was also known for her character in the role of Princess Lela, in the Star Wars trilogy (1977), and in the Star Wars, the Force Awakens in the year 2015. The beautiful singer had written a semi-autobiographical novel, and she gained much popularity on this.


Carrie Fisher (After)

Look at her now; she looks completely different. She looks hoary and not very gorgeous as before, but she is still very popular because she is a successful screenwriter now. Time does not wait for anyone, and no one can look as beautiful as they used to look in their youth. Even the celebrity like Carrie has grown old and beauty has faded, as the time passed.


Courtney Love (Before)

The American singer, actress Courtney Love is a victim of this aging process. The famous singer formed her own rock band “Hole” in 1989. She is recognized as a mainstream musician and nominated for several ‘Grammy Awards.’ She acted in a big budget movie like ‘Man on the Moon,’ ‘Trapped’ etc.


Courtney Love (After)

But fortune laughed at her. She had substance abuse problems throughout her life. Out of frustration she became addicted to heroin in the early 1990s. She was dragged to court for this drug addiction and tried to commit suicide in 2004. All these things brought a huge change in her, and we can see the effects clearly on her face.


Joan Van Ark (Before)

There was a rumor about the celebrity Joan Van Ark if she has undergone in plastic surgery!? If we see her earlier and recent photos, probably we may get the answer. There is a lot changes in her body and face. Joan is a famous actress most well-known for the role of ‘Valene Ewing’ on soap opera. She possessed a charming look with her blonde hair and smooth skin.


Joan Van Ark (After)

But now this lady got nothing left regarding beauty. She had gone through some plastic surgeries, and for her this surgery proved wrong. Perhaps some check implants and taking lip injections made her beautiful lips appealing. Her skin looks discolored and fitted. It proves that sometimes it’s not fruitful to go for surgeries when you’re already beautiful. So why has she taken the decision of undergoing a plastic surgery on her beautiful face? Probably it seems a natural process to look more beautiful, but in her case, it resulted into the opposite and made her look older.


Goldie Hawn (Before)

Goldie Hawn, a charming American actress, has got shocking transformation which makes her look older and a bit strange. She was an active star since 1967-2002. With numerous movies along with awards, she is the founder of Hawn Foundation. She also supported LGBT community. She was also a famous dancer in her early life. She was a beautiful and talented actress and performed many characters on television and also in the film. She had won a prestigious Academy Awards and was also nominated for the Oscar. Her performance in the Cactus Flower, in the year 1969 and Private Benjamin were very much popular at that time.


Goldie Hawn (After)

The most drastic changes in her look have happened with her. Though she had a successful career, she didn’t enjoy a peaceful personal life. She had several relationships and got divorced twice. So is it impossible to think that stress, depression played a vital role in her aging? Maybe out of depression, she became used to with alcohol. And see what a change in her look and figure! Isn’t it shocking?


Janice Dickinson (Before)

She is an American model, photographer, and favorite among 80’s models. She got a very decent figure for modeling. The dark brown color haired girl took away many one’s breaths once. Moreover, the brown eyes also played an interesting effect during her modeling career.


Janice Dickinson (After)

But look at her now, you will hardly recognize her. She had to go through some surgeries due to make her cancer free. She had to go through a long-term radiation course and two lumpectomies. She also had to undergo the bosom implantation meanwhile. She admitted that she had undergone a facelift, a brow lift, tummy tuck and fillers to have a more westernized look.


Christina Aguilera (Before)

Christina is recognized for her fabulous musical career. This bright blonde haired girl with a very elegant slim figure rocked on the floor and won so many prizes for her songs. From 19998 she has been a very sprightful girl with heaps of talents. Her initial look itself was an icon.


Christina Aguilera (After)

But with time she has got many changes in her look. She admits that she is among those who love to do various experiments with their look. So, since childhood, she has grown a habit of changing her hair look most prominently. And she has gained a lot of weight recently. Also, some rumors say that she got a bosom increasing therapy.