The very word ‘Tattoo’ is enough to excite our celebrities. While in the past it was restricted to rock stars and those who preferred to live their lives on the edge now we have almost every other celebrity sporting one. These days, however, celebrities treat it more of a fashion accessory, and without one they find it hard to belong to the club. Tattoo artists in Hollywood and other places are busy inking mottos, graphics and sometimes outrageous designs on the bodies of their clients. For some celebrities, it is a kind of therapy that allows them to relax and unwind as we see some of them come up with new tattoos every few months. So who sports the coolest tattoos in Hollywood? Whose symbols have landed them in a controversy? Here in this feature, we take a look at some of the most celebrity tattoos which can be defined as the best expression of art.

Britney Spears

You may mistake that to be lipstick, but that’s one of its kind tattoos that ‘Baby One More Time’ singer is seen sporting. The cure kiss-tattoo was done by Body & Soul Tattoo Studio way back in 2007 at Sherman Oaks. When it comes to sporting tattoos, Britney is no ordinary lady as she has been photographed in as many as ten symbols over the years. Unlike other celebrities who go for large and well-defined tattoos, Britney prefers them small and discreet which puts her in a different league that she would love. These tattoos give us an understanding of the person behind the name. There is an exciting side to this particular tattoo as it was done on the same day she decided to shave her head in what became one of the biggest news in Hollywood at that time.

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Chanel Iman

Models are often termed as walking hangers and for obvious reasons as they are more bones than flesh. It’s no surprise that Victoria’s Secret Angel model opted for a chic ‘Walking Hanger’ tattoo on her neck. The walking hanger text which is inscribed right on the graphic of the hanger is undoubtedly one of the most artistic tattoos that you would ever come across. Though it remains hidden by her long hair most of the times it has been one of the most discussed tattoos in the fashion world. While she has sported other tattoos, Chanel sees this as a tribute to her career. As the model said “You put clothes on a hanger, and you put clothes on a model.

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Hayden Panettiere

Tattoos mean different things to different people and for some it is an excellent way of expressing their roots, living a culture or making a bold statement in life. The tattoo we see in this image perhaps meant to do all the three for Hayden Panettiere. If you aren’t aware of it, the Heroes actress has Italian roots, and maybe this is the reason she went for this tattoo on her back. It says ‘Vivere Senza Rimipianti’ which translates to “To Live Without Regrets.” Before you want to follow her and get a similar artistic tattoo on your back, it would be worth remembering that the tattoo has a typo issue as the word is rimpianti whereas it is spelled rimipianti on her back!

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Ireland Baldwin

A celebrity daughter always has her way and Ireland Baldwin the daughter of famed Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has been experimenting her ways of ink expressing different thoughts through them. The fact that she has one of the most beautiful bodies does add a touch of excellence to the tattoos that she sports. Here in this image, we have the 6’2” star with the word ‘Truth’ inscribed on her back. A simple tattoo but it is undoubtedly one that conveys a potent message. We have seen her sports tattoos in several parts of her body in recent times, but this is undoubtedly the one that would grab maximum attention wherever she goes, and her figure adds a bit of class to it.

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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has given her fans lot to laugh and cheer about in her career, and the 8 Simple Rules star was recently seen with a large moth tattoo on her back. If you are wondering why she opted for this one, there is a pretty sad story behind it. If you have been following Kaley intimately, you would have known that she sported a roman numerical before which read “XII XXXI XIII” or 12 31 13 a date she got married to Ryan Sweeting. But now that the two have parted ways she decided it was time to bid adieu to that tattoo too. Well, it’s a sad story, but we must say that the new tattoo has come out pretty well and will help her overcome the tragic memories of her broken relationship.

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Kym Lomas

Kym Lomas loves her tattoos, and the English actress never misses a chance to flaunt them. While we have seen her in several tattoos the one that the Coronation Street actress got down her spine is undoubtedly the most famous on. As you can see in the image, there are some Chinese alphabets inscribed in ink as they were pretty popular back then and it reads ‘Jack’ which was meant to be meant to be a tribute for her first husband, Jack Ryder. Well, she believed it this till someone pointed out to her that it was a Communist symbol. After her divorce from Jack, she did get this tattoo removed, but it was undoubtedly one of the best pieces of work on her body till date.


Lady Gaga

If we were to call her a tattoo addict, Lady Gaga would take that as a compliment. It isn’t just the number of tattoos that separate her from other celebrities but the sheer size and intricate work that goes into each one of them that makes the six-time Grammy winner one of her good stars. The giant moth tattoo on her back has been much talked about after she flaunted this during the Grammy. It is believed that the tattoo has been inspired by the song “Moth into Flame” which was originally sung by Metallica and later covered by her. Grapevine has it that this tattoo isn’t real, and it was done just for the event! We have to wait and watch to verify this fact.


Lena Headey

She has entertained us all in ‘Game of Thrones, ’ and she does it when she even she is off-screen. We have seen Lena sport different tattoos over the years, and each of these has intricate work to impress us all. But it is the tattoo or a series of them on her back that really would serve as an inspiration for many of her fans. In this image, we see that she has turned her back into a canvas. While her gown does conceal part of the tattoo, this one starts at the lower end of her back and goes right up to her neck where we can see many birds. Her choice comes as no surprise as she is flying in her career too.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Camille, the famed designer, and actress are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood, and she has carried herself quite that way to earn herself a huge fan following. If she had wings, perhaps she would fly like a bird. And that probably is what served as the inspiration for the winged tattoos on her back as we can see in this image. The tattoo that has been done in orange is undoubtedly one of the prettiest ones we have on our list. Fans have been wondering what the inspiration behind this particular is given that we have seen many that she has flaunted over the years and Richie hasn’t revealed it so far. It is perhaps her way to fly towards more success!



Quiz time, which part of Rihanna’s body is yet to be tattooed? We are sure most of you have no answer for that as every few months we see the “A Girl Like Me” singer flaunt a new tattoo. Well, some of her fans call it ‘Tattoo Therapy’ that keeps her in focus with all the glitz and glamour surrounding her. So here in this image we have one of her most famous ink-jobs with the text “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson” inscribed over her chest. This was done by Keith McCurdy who is the favorite for dozens of celebrities in Hollywood. Wonder what the reason behind this motto was? Rihanna feels this to be the motto behind everything in her life.


Rita Ora

She sang ‘Hot Right Now, ’ and earned herself all the fame in the world, and it seems Rita Ora likes to make a hot statement with tattoos. We have seen several over the years, and here in this image, we have two of them. Well, we aren’t going to talk about the one on the back as we have seen it for ages but our interest is the one on her triceps. And it is no surprise that she turned up at the studio of her favorite artist Keith McCurdy for this cute ballerina. This happened right after her breakup with beau Calvin Harris. Well, it seems Rita went under the needle to overcome the stress and sadness of a failed relationship!


Ruby Rose

If there is one celebrity on our list, who can serve as the brand ambassador for tattoos and tattoo artists it has to be Ruby Rose. Believe it or not but the model cum television presenter has sported more than 60 tattoos in her life, and she is just 31! That would be a tattoo in her professional career every few months, and that does take some great love for ink. Every part of her body from shoulder to knuckles has been tattooed. In this image, we have one of her most controversial tattoos where she pays tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the street artists who succumbed to the drug overdose. Her fans didn’t take this tattoo very kindly, and criticism came her way from all quarters.


Rumer Willis

Tattoos make a statement, and the Dancing with the Star winner does believe in this thought. We have seen her sport several tattoos over the years and when she gets herself inked she likes to make it bold and big. All her tattoos have become a talking point for her fans and critics over the years. And when it comes to making a statement, no other tattoo roars as loud as the lion. This was perhaps Rumer’s inspiration behind the big lion tattoo on her left arm which she is seen flaunting most of the times. The lion in the tattoo seems to be a little angry which is kind of odd as we all know Willis to be such an adorable celebrity.


Vanessa Hudgens

The butterfly is a common theme when it comes to tattoos, after all, it is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. We have seen many celebrities try that in the past and the High School Musical star got a beautiful tattoo inked on her neck. But if you thought it was just a candid decision to get it, well there is a beautiful story behind it. A week before she was born a butterfly sat on her mother’s tummy and this is the reason she was named Vanessa which in Latin means a butterfly. Unlike other celebrities who have multiple tattoos on their body this was the first for Vanessa, and perhaps she has the most beautiful story behind her tattoo.


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is undoubtedly a big fan of ink, and we have seen her sporting several tattoos over the years. In fact, when the fans of ‘This is Me’ singer still talk about her last tattoo she surprises them with a new one. We can’t say if tattoos drive her success, but another tattoo on her inner wrists is one that had ignited new passion among her fans on the social media. While some loved her bold move, there were others that came hard on her with criticism. Ashley McMullen was the person who inked it and later took a dig at the singer she got it redesigned into a rose to escape the blame that came her way.


Iggy Azalea

Rappers tend to lives in a different space, from their songs to their mannerism on the stage they earn by breaking the set convention! And it comes as no surprise that Aussie Iggy Azalea has inked her body several times. In fact, she changes her tattoos much like her attire! While she has been crazy with some of her tattoo ideas this one plainly speaks of class. Here we have the head of Venus, the Roman goddess which is inspired by the famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by the legendary Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. The tattoo was inked by Corey Davis, and Iggy took a bit of creative freedom and altered the image to give it a more Disney like feel.


Jennifer Aniston

Whatever Jennifer Aniston does make the news. Whether it’s her stellar performance in friends or infamous divorce with Brad Pitt, shutterbugs follow her everywhere she goes. It’s no surprise that when she sports a new tattoo, it gathers all the attention. In this image, we have the Bruce Almighty star show her latest tattoo she has the name ‘Norman’ inked on her feet. At first, it left her fans wondering about the inspiration behind the tattoo, but later she revealed it to the world. It is a tribute to her late dog Norman Welsh corgi-terrier cross. Aniston said that she shared a high bond with her late dog for many years and it was the best way of paying him a tribute.


Jessie J

Musicians perhaps write notes even when they sleep. And it comes as no surprise that the “Do it Like a Dude” singer had drawn on inspiration from her career when it came to a tattoo. She opted for a tattoo that is a combination of a bass clef and a treble clef. What perhaps happens as a surprise is the fact that she went for both these notes upside down. But there is a good reason for this as if you carefully observe the tattoo you would notice that they combine to form a heart, the universal symbol of love. While Jessie has sported several tattoos in the past, this one will surely be counted among the best for the message it gives out.


Lindsay Lohan

‘The Another World’ actress has seen good and bad times in her life and is one celebrity who has lived her life on the edge. So it didn’t surprise too many people to see the sentence ‘I leave before being left I decide’ on her right hand. Lindsay has seen it all in her short career as she had her moments with success followed by troubled times with drugs and alcohol and series of failed relationships. This tattoo is perhaps the best way the singer cum actress can express her sentiments to the world where she has often been on the front pages of tabloids for all the wrong reason. And not to forget the small star which will always remind her of her stardom.


Miley Cyrus

Take a look at this image, and you may be left wondering which tattoo we are talking about as there are at least have a dozen visible on Miley Cyrus’ right hand. Well, Miley loves her tattoos and doesn’t miss an occasion to try out different tattoos some of which have definite meaning while the rest are just instinctive decisions we can say. But here our focus is on the tusk tattoo which seems to be something pretty new. We have seen several other celebrities use animals as a theme for their tattoos, but tusk is very rare. It would be interesting to know the inspiration behind this one but knowing Miley she may not have one behind this symbol!